Monday, April 18, 2011

For The Birds - and Janet

I’ve been participating in a bird-themed round robin at Crazy Quilting International called “For the Birds”.  I took Janet P’s block along to the Adventure in Crazy Quilting in Connecticut to work on in Sharon’s stitching workshop and class.  I worked on other things, too, but this is the only one I finished.

I loved - and I mean LOVED - Janet’s blocks.  Such happy colors!!  This was such a pleasure to work on.  I carried the flower motifs into their neighboring spaces, using gimp for the stems and silk ribbon to give the leaves a 3-D effect.  The seams are rather basic, but I did try a few new things that I learned from Sharon Boggon’s workshop.  The first was the aforementioned gimp.

Secondly, we learned about sequin waste, and I used it on the seam below the bird.  I had no plan at first, but my stitches began looking butterfly-like, so I went with it.  :-)

We also learned a flower called “Margaret’s Cup”.  The finished version looks like a daffodil, but I did mine without the cup, then used it for the center of a dyed lace flower.  I enjoyed this flower and will make more - I’ll even try one with the cup!

I also love how Sharon often uses clusters of beads around buttons and on lace.  Why use just one when several make a showier impact?  I want to experiment with that some more, too.

Tomorrow I’ve got more CQ Adventure pictures of my classes. the goodies I received from the Motif Swap, and other goodies given to us by the teachers and Maureen.  See you then!

Cathy maroon


  1. Its a wonderful block with a lot to see. The snail caught my eye too. A cute little bit of whimsey. Did you stitch him?

  2. Good Day Cathy. WOW your block for Janet is awesome. I love how beautiful all your stitches are and all the colors are fantastic. Love it too. What is "Gimp" and where do you buy it??? Thanks Big Hugs Judy

  3. Yes, Cathy, I LOVE it! So no, you can't keep it.

    I'm also loving the photos of your time at the CQ Adventure, so keep 'em comin'!

  4. The colors are fabulous after a long winter to work with those colors would be fun. The little snail is very cute!


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