Monday, April 18, 2011

CQ Adventure Part II - Opening Festivities

What do you get when you get over 60 crazy-quilting women in the room at one time?  A wacky, fun time full of laughter, eye candy, chatter and goodies of both the stash variety and the edible variety.  Some might call it heaven on earth, and I would not disagree, LOL!!

The anticipation for me began building earlier in the afternoon when Maureen enlisted Gerry and I to help her begin setting up the vendor area in the main reception room.  We had five tables that were to be dedicated to the vendors, but two needed to be left open for the evening as a place for the Show and Tell items to be displayed.

So, we improvised and used the tables meant for the classrooms, plus the counter space, plus stacked boxes covered with tablecloths.... you get the idea.  And in the middle of all this, the three cakes that Maureen had ordered were delivered.   I had my camera with me, so I decided to get some official BEFORE pictures of the cakes.

But I decided that we really needed great individual pictures of each cake, so I pulled up a chair, stood on it, and began taking pictures from above. Everyone was laughing that I’d better be careful and not fall into the cakes, or Maureen would “kill me”.

Well, I got the pictures and there was never even a wobbly moment. Aren’t these cakes absolutely gorgeous???

And the great thing was that when Maureen got back, we told her I had taken the cake pictures by hovering over them, standing on a chair. When told that I could have fallen into them, Maureen laughed and said “I think that would’ve been funny!”

Now mind you, I know Maureen had worked madly for weeks - months - planning the Adventure.  She was like the proverbial duck; calm above the water but paddling like crazy underneath the surface.  To me, Maureen’s remark was a great testament to her sense of humor and calm demeanor. What a gracious lady!  I am in total awe of her (if you haven’t already gleaned that from my posts, LOL).

Gerry watches the table. Displays L-R: Cathy K, Gerry, Maureen’s ribbons
Maureen had lots of threads and ribbons

Are you drooling yet?
More of Maureen’s goodies
Buttons, fabrics (velvet, kimono silk, decorated sari silks) and more
The vendor mall was MAD with activity and goodies. There was literally something for everyone.  Unusual things, vintage things, colorful, dramatic, eclectic, fun .... just like the attendees!!

The Show and Tell featured one gorgeous project after another. I apologize that I didn’t get all the names and pictures of all the presenters - I seemed to be going in too many different directions. And, it was held the evening before we began classes, so we really had not had a chance to meet others outside of our immediate friendship circles.

Gen Tracey’s stunning, colorful quilt
An appreciative audience (see Betty with leaves in her hair, foreground?)
Wilma (second from L, back row) travelled from The Netherlands! 
Helen Thorkelson and her prize-winning purse (held by Susan wearing her Pants Pants Revolution pants)

Another lovely quilt
Marilyn Lynch shows a quilt she made with linens from her aunt  
Marty Trahan shows her quilt that appears in Allie’s book.
What a fun evening it was for everyone!

Cathy maroon


  1. Great post Cathy. It really would have been funny if you had messed up those cakes!

  2. Great pictures, Cathy! Most of mine didn't turn out, I think my camera is dying... but I will post what I have.

  3. Your posts are so great...thanks for taking the time to capture everything for us!

  4. Hi Cathy

    I am glad you are back safe and sound and with great pics. I envy you and Bruce your week in CT. I have never been to that coast before and Lauri from Buffalo took us out to the needlework shop and then we stopped for dinner at Panera Bread. She asked if we would like to drive around a bit and see some of the area. It was great and I sure would love to see more.

    I agree that Maureen did a fantastic job and was MORE then generous to us.

    The cakes were really neat and of course our Master Of Ceremonies Susan Elliott couldn't have been topped.

    It was fun seeing you all again but too busy to really get together. Must do that again.

    All in all a wonderful retreat.



  5. THANK YOU for taking the pics of hte show and tell! I was behind everything so it's great to see them for the first time!!!


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