Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Review of 2010

One of my very favorite people - and for so many reasons - is Kerry Leslie of Kerrykatiecakes.  I have the pleasure of being a co-moderator with her (and Leslie and Hideko) on Crazy Quilting International.  She is our esteemed leader and a wise and intelligent woman.  Plus, she is a lot of fun and has a killer sense of humor.  Her only fault is that she likes to push maple cookies on me, but that’s an inside joke, LOL.

Anyway, earlier this year Kerry published a list of her 2010 goals and then periodically reviewed her progress against the list.  I found this fascinating and also made a list at the beginning of the year.  I never published it, but I did monitor my progress.

So, here is my 2010 list and my comments.  In a day or two, I will publish my 2011 list, but wanted to get this one “off my plate”.

1.   Participate in CQI Challenge, doing at least six (of 12).  Finish Challenge piece by year-end.   50% accomplished.  I did participate in at least six challenges, but since I was the Challenge coordinator, that was not such a great accomplishment, LOL.  My challenge piece was a valance I pieced for a bathroom window.  Most of the seams are stitched and I have a plan.  All supplies and embellishments are gathered.  That’s it.  It will move on to the 2011 list.

2.  Help plan and attend the CQI September Retreat.   Check!  It was a blast.  I blogged about it in October. 

3.  Begin selling off extra fabrics, laces, linens, books & other items on Ebay and Etsy. Well, yes, I did do this.  I sold alot of fabric on Ebay in the fall.  I opened an Etsy shop in July, but haven’t given it the proper attention.  Will continue on these in 2011 with more realistic and specific goals.

4.  CQ by 2012: Finalize theme, colors, format.  Piece the entire quilt. Yeah, right.  I wonder what I was smoking when I wrote THAT.  I’ve finally figured out what I will do, which to me was half the battle.  And I gave myself permission to do “just” a crazy quilt, not the masterpiece I initially felt compelled to do.  I haven’t sketched the layout yet, but it’s in my head.  I will talk more about this in 2011, because a significant portion of my stitching will be geared toward that after spring.

5.   Participate in the CQI Purse contest.   Check!  I got second place with my “I Love Paris” purse.

6.  Learn Photoshop Elements.   Yes and no.  I have learned some things (and used them in designing my Etsy header), but it’s such a complicated program with so much to learn, that I am still only a novice. Will continue this in 2011.

7.  Finish 3 UFO’s.  Well, ooops!  I had listed the three specific ones I wanted to finish, and those are DEFINITELY not done.  But I did scrap one UFO project and am almost finished with the Tea Time wallhanging, so there was some progress here. This needs further attention in 2011.

8.  Participate in Salt Lake Farmer’s Market and sell consignment items at Wheeler Farm Country Store. The Salt Lake Farmer’s Market kicked out the Sidewalk Vendors this year, so that venue was a no-go.   But I did do a boutique at Wheeler Farm and had consignment items at the Wheeler Country Store.  I sold some aprons (girls and women), some vintage baby clothes, a couple pillows, and some purses, sachets and artsy small wallhangings.   I will stick to sewing and CQ, because the my jewelry only sold when I marked it to clearance prices, and the altered bottles were a resounding flop.  

9.  Make a quilt for London.   Shame on me - that’s a no.  I have all the fabric and will try it again in 2011.

10.  Participate in 3 Round Robins.  Check!  I did the Wool RR, the Art Nouveau RR and have started the Autumn RR.  

I also had some personal goals, which included losing 35-40 pounds (did that) and getting through Level One on my Rosetta Stone Spanish.  Didn’t get that one done because DH hasn’t installed it yet.  I guess I’ll have to perfect my nagging hounding asking pleading skills in 2011!!

Cathy maroon


  1. Well, aren't you a sweetie? lol I'm blushing! YOU are very special too! I have just posted my goals for 2011 on my blog so I'm looking forward to reading yours when you post them! You ARE going to post them, right? Trust me - it helped keep me honest! roflol

  2. Great minds think alike as usual... I was working on my goals for the next year... I tend to make totally unrealistic lists and then feel a total failure when I can't complete them... So my first goal is to make a SHORTER list...

    Gerry K.

  3. I admire your lists...last year and this year...It makes me feel way behind already!!! BTW, the heading of this post says A Review of 2012...LOL!! Don't wish your life away....

    xoxo Susan


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