Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Crackers Finished

Every year at Crazy Quilting International, we have a Christmas Cracker exchange.  These are fashioned after the English Christmas Crackers; however, ours contain CQ goodies like fabrics, beads, laces, etc.  We sign up to prepare and mail from 1-3 crackers (which are cardboard tubes filled with the goodies then wrapped and tied) to different members as assigned.  In turn, we receive as many as we send from others.  This year I signed up for two.  These are the finished crackers:

The cover fabric is a pre-done patchwork Christmas fabric that I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics about three years ago.  But inside......... well, I can’t say.   The recipients will receive them soon (if they haven’t already) and will just have to wait for Christmas to open them!

In the meantime, I’m waiting for the postman to deliver mine!  Isn’t it wonderful exchanging gifts with like-minded people who know and understand what you love?

Cathy maroon


  1. Cathy, Your Christmas Crackers are an excellent idea. What a wonderful little gift to give to someone, it would even be a good idea for a birthday present as well.

    You should enter these in my sewing challenge blog here at, Paula's Sewing Challenges, for a chance to win a little something, something.

    Hoep to see you there soon.

  2. I love those Christmas crackers! I'm going to our recycle bin right now, to retrieve some cardboard tubes...


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