Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Christmas Images for You

Hi Friends,

If you are like me, you are often on the lookout for interesting vintage images.  So, I have been trying to upload some for you every few days..... my meager Christmas present to you.  But please know that your friendship and comments are so appreciated.  It’s always nice to know that you’re not just talking to yourself, eh?  LOL.

Our Christmas decorations this year are very much on the traditional side.  I love color too much to have an all-white or low-color decorating scheme.  And we have downsized to a smaller tree because it fits better in our small living room in our smallish home.  Of course, when this house was built in 1963, the original owners, who lived here for 40 years, raised their four children here.... and it was perfectly fine.   

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Bruce and I both lived in McMansions in our previous marriages, but have never loved a home as much as we do this one.  As Bruce says, “it hugs you back!”  And the fact that it is nearly paid for makes it all the more wonderful!     

Everything is ready to go for Christmas.   Will upload more images tomorrow for you.  We are off work now for several days and I plan to get some good stitching time in.  I finished piecing my 12” block for the Steampunk RR and will take a picture of that tomorrow with my new camera!  Bruce wanted me to have it early for Christmas picture-taking.  Smart man.  

Cathy maroon

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  1. Thank you for the images and have a very merry Christmas (enjoy your new camera!)


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