Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tea Time Progress - A Problem Solved

I have been working on my Tea Time wall hanging, and wanted to show you how I solved one of the problem areas.   In the last TT post, we saw how the piecing issues were fixed.  It still amazes me how much tastes, preferences and styles evolve over time.  

Anyway.  The Victorian Lady silkie was voted off the island, but left a big white hankie (with remaining pinholes from stitches) behind.  What to do? I auditioned vintage millinery, thought of embroidering over it, adding lace, and killed a good afternoon deliberating.  Finally, I thought I’d try a teapot applique.

First of all, here’s the area in question, before:

And here is the “after”.  Yes, I drew the teapot all by myself.  As proof, I offer up a spout whose proportion is too heavy for the handle, LOL.  Oh well, this is my Tea World, right?  LOL

And in my Tea World, pink floral teapots pour pink floral sequined tea into floral cups.  And vintage millinery mingles with dyed lace, velvet leaves, crocheted flowers and vintage crystal earrings.  

Meanwhile, some of the dark patches are getting their florals enhanced. Nothing too exciting there, but overall it just adds a bit of zip.  HA!  This piece is zipping all over the place!

And now it’s time for me to zip off to bed.  I’ll show you some more progress in a day or two.

Cathy maroon


  1. This is coming along great! Beautiful.

  2. wow, the teapot is genius. I liked the lady, but she did stop the eye, now, with the teapot, sequins and cup, the eye moves around.... Great job.

  3. It's neat to see how different it looks now compared to before. Love the teapot pouring sequins in to the cup, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Hi Cathy..
    I love the blogs with all the cups and yes the teapot is perfect .
    The colors are fabulous as usual.Beautiful work all around.

  5. The teapot is sooooooooooo cute with the sequins... great solution.. Hugs Gerry K.

  6. Yes Cathy it's coming along beautifully I like the changes they make sense, and your right it is amazing how our tastes change with time. Hugs Linda

  7. I'd love a cup of tea!

    Oh yes, Pink Sequin blend would be grand.



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