Monday, October 25, 2010

Art Nouveau Blocks Return Home

I have been participating in an Art Nouveau-themed round robin at Crazy Quilting International.  The RR is beginning to wind down, and I have received back four of my blocks.  In this RR, we all pieced our own blocks and each other participant stitched one entire 6x6” block.  One is still out to be completed and will return sometime next month.  But take a look at this beautiful work that came home this weekend.

The top left was stitched by Hideko in Japan; the top right was stitched by Ritva in Finland.  Then, on the bottom, the left one with roses was done by Margreet in the Netherlands, and my dear friend Gerry K from Washington State stitched the Iris Lady in the lower right.   Click on the picture to see their amazing stitching and the details they added.  Thank you, ladies, for your lovely work!

Kerry from Canada, who kindly stepped in as an Angel (replacement stitcher for another person who had to withdraw) has another block and will squeeze it into her busy schedule this fall.  She is amazing and I don’t know how she runs our round robins and still manages to do Angel work.  

I have two more Art Nouveau blocks pieced that I will hopefully get to stitch on sometime this winter.  My intention is to make a fabric book of these blocks.  Won’t it be lovely?

Cathy maroon


  1. These are really stunning! Can we see the work you did on everyone's RR blocks?

  2. How gorgeous...and how wonderful that those blocks were a true global effort!!!! I am in such awe at the quilting talent of you and your friends! dana

  3. Hi Cathy

    I can not get over how these blocks are so beautiful, and the work of everyone are really fantastic.


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