Friday, October 22, 2010

Tea Time Piecing Tweaked

I’m going to try to make this a short post .... it’s late.   I finished “fixing” the Tea Time piece.  When Gerry mentioned that it was the dark blue that would lead the eye, that realization hit me like a ton of bricks.  OF COURSE!  I already knew the two things I wanted to get rid of (the gold velvet embossed teacup and the Victorian lady silkie) and the two things that needed camouflage (the hot pink and bright blue).  I covered the pink with lace and replaced the blue with light blue.

Then I broke up the two big blocks near the bottom, getting rid of that straight line (which would’ve been covered anyway, but this STILL looks so much better).

Those vintage millinery flowers I have pinned on the hankie in the upper left are not permanent.  You can see that I WILL have to cover (stitch over or whatever) that area.  The 90 degree angle of a hankie corner was not right for that spot, so I tucked it to get a tighter angle.  Either way, it’s a white area that will need to be covered, so no big deal.

And I hope to get some time to really make progress on it this weekend in order to have a progress photo to post on Monday.  We have family coming over tomorrow.  Bruce’s daughter Stacy, her hubby and son are coming over.  DGS Hunter (age 18 months) is the only one of our grands who hasn’t been through the hay and corn maze at Wheeler Farm.

And that leads to my visit with my DGD London yesterday.  We had a great Girls Day Out, and here are a few quick pictures from our visit to the Farm.

Grammy and London visit with friends at Grammy’s office.   
(notice the WTWW Art Bra Calendar hanging over my desk?)

This is fun!
 Grammy says I’m way too nimble for 14 months old! 

 Studying the decorations 

 Some Quality Time on the ground 

My Pumpkin and an Orange Pumpkin

Ready to go home and take a nap!
 * * End of Shameless Grandmother Showing-off Pictures * *


Cathy maroon


  1. London has grown so much! What fun she will be at Christmas this year!
    Loved the look at the CQ and the instuction that went along with it. I appreciate you pointing out how you tucked the hankie. I would have laid it on there and thought no that is wrong. I would have not thought to alter the shape so creativly. Thanks again,

  2. Well I just love it glad you had more of that fabric... Why am I not surprised... I love the great teapot in the need another one... Sorry you didn't get to pop over for coffee.... Hate to nag Cathy but you owe me an email with news about London!!! Hugs Gerry

  3. Tea Time is looking great...granddaughter too! They're so much fun at that age.

  4. Bringing back memories of my grandkids at that age, so long ago. The boys and 13 and 15 now and live with us and not a day goes by without remembering their sweet little faces. Watch out..they tell me all the time that I am such a good Bamma that when they have kids they are going to drop them off at the curb and take off real fast so I will have to babysit. Silly boys!

  5. The quilt piece is lovely..but pales in comparrison to your adorable granddaughter!


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