Friday, July 9, 2010

Wool Blocks Home and Prize Picture

As promised yesterday, I pulled a few things together for a third prize in my giveaway drawing.  I’m celebrating because I reached 100 Followers!  Thank you all so much!  Pictured here is some COTTON dyed lace (looks more coarse), which is not (IMHO) as wonderful as the RAYON dyed lace, which will be included too.  The rayon just shows off the sheen, and the cotton laces just look tea-dyed.  But, there are also some fabric pieces, some silk floss, silk organza bags, and a doily.  Depending on who wins this package, I’ll add more fabrics - cottons or fancies, their choice.

My wool blocks returned home from the CQ International Wool RR.  I had pieced three (6”) blocks with Christmas colors and three in green, cream and tan for a “woodsy” seasons theme.   Here is the lovely work that came back.

This first block was done by Karrin Hurd, and I love her tree wreath, poinsettia and presents.... oh heck, I love it all!

Leslie Ehrlich did this wintery Christmas block, including one of her “famous” trees (she loves to do them and we love to get them!).  I love the touches of “snow”. 

I will need to finish the sixth and final block (after summer; it’s waaaay too hot to work on wool now, LOL).

And then we have the woodsy blocks.  This elegantly simple block with wonderful greenery and was done by Marya .

Ritva in Finland did these lovely trees.... and are those bird tracks?!/

And Hideko in Japan stitched a lovely springtime woods scene.

Aren’t these lovely together??  I really look forward to assembling these blocks into little wallhangings.  

Thanks for all your beautiful stitching, ladies!

I’ll be announcing the winners of the contest over the weekend, so check back.  Pam & I have to get together to make sure we give everyone their proper number of entries.   The first name picked will get her choice of the three gifts; the second person picked will select next, and the third person will get the remaining.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Cathy maroon


MosaicMagpie said...

Those chain stitched trees are so interesting. Love all that giveaway bling!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing all these blocks.Crazy Quilting is certainly enjoyable!!

Turtle said...

what gorgeous stitching!!

Gina E. said...

What a beautiful trio! I love all of them. You are so lucky to have such talented friends, Cathy!

Laurie said...

These blocks are amazing! I can't imagine touching wool right now, but this is something I need to work with. Beautiful!

Gerry Krueger said...

I just love those woodsy blocks...

Hugs Ger

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It was nice to see something Christmasy on a hot day, but I have to admit I like the woodsy ones the best.

Jules said...

Those are beautiful together! It's great that each of them created something representative of their homes. Very nice!!