Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Art Nouveau Block

Art Nouveau seems to be a popular theme around Crazy Quilting International these days.  There are two round robins going, and we’re all stitching like mad.  And there are so many variations, it’s been really run to watch and participate.

This block was one of Margreet’s.  I love her colors; so rich and warm and elegant.  The previous stitcher, Ritva, had done an art nouveau tile pattern, so I thought I would continue along in that vein.   So, first I researched art nouveau tile patterns on the web, and printed out a few pages of them (will also use them for future reference as other blocks come my way.

After drooling over the pictures for awhile, I eliminated those that would not lend themselves readily to interpretation (per my brain; I’m sure others could close their eyes, pick one and replicate it!).  Then I sketched two of my favorites, simplifying them .   For some reason, the drawing on the right really spoke to me (and do you see the original tile in the bottom left of the top page, above?)

This is how it turned out.  Margreet asked that we incorporate some black into the design, and I believe that really helped set this off.  Also, you can’t really see it well, but the dark part of the flower is a vintage silk pleated ribbon.

I’ve had a lot of craziness going on in my life, most of which has no place on this blog.  But it has really drained me both physically and mentally.   There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel (I love that expression, especially when amended to voice the hope that the light is not an oncoming train!).   So, I’m already looking forward to the weekend.... IS IT FRIDAY YET?!?

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow or Wednesday.  Wait.  Tomorrow is Wednesday.  Um.... (see?).... I’ll post more pictures SOON.    :-)

Cathy maroon


Anonymous said...

Cathy that turned out great. I love the theme you guys are doing. I think you did a wonder job despite what ever your going through. Keep it up:) Great color choices too!

Ann Flowers

MosaicMagpie said...

Hang in there girlie it will be Friday before you know it. Great looking stitching on this block.

Laurie said...

I love looking at your work Cathy, this turned out so pretty, and love the heart!

Gerry Krueger said...

Looks like we were looking at some of the same pages....great block.. Hugs Ger

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh I love that flower! Beautiful work! Hope all your worries are going, going, GONE!

Anonymous said...

Cathy, hope the weekend sees some respite. Your work is lovely.A really beautiful theme.

Pam Kellogg said...

Thinking of you Cathy! Hugs!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

That is so romantically beautiful!

(hope you are feeling better soon)

FredaB said...

Beautiful Cathy. I love the silk ribbon work. I must get back to doing more of it myself.

Take care and don't put too much stress on yourself. Everything works out in the end.



Gerry said...

Good morning, Cathy! And no, it's not Friday yet. LOL.

Your design is beautiful! And I'm sure a welcome addition to the block.

Thanks for visiting, for your compliments and kind words. See you in a couple of months :-)

Ati. said...

Beautiful done Cathy! Art nouveau is not the easiest subject but you made it great!