Saturday, July 17, 2010

African Block #6 & Ramblings

It was over 100 degrees here in the Salt Lake Valley.  Usually,  the heat doesn’t bother me because normally we are very dry here.   But under canopies at a boutique held at a farm (and near a rushing creek and active irrigation ditches that meander through the lawns), it was HUMID and miserable.

To top it off, half the valley was up in Salt Lake attending the FREE “Days of ’47” weekend events.  “Days of ’47” is another name for the events in Utah that take place over a week or so, culminating on July 24th (“Pioneer Day”), the day at the (Mormon) pioneers discovered Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Besides the Children’s Parade (today), there are festivals and rodeos and parades and even a re-enactment of the cross-country trek (albeit modified) with handcarts that the Mormons did.  Personally, I think anyone willing to dress up in full vintage garb (and ladies, we all know that means long sleeves and long dresses) in this heat while pulling a handcart.... well, they need their head examined.  Oh, and then there are the fireworks.  O.M.G.  This state treats July 24 with more enthusiasm and energy than the 4th of July.   IMHO, they have it all Bass Ackwards.    So...... thank you - if you’ve gotten this far - for letting me get this off my chest!  LOL.

Having said all that, I did OK at the boutique, even with little traffic.  I’m not retiring soon from the proceeds, but I had more sales than any of my neighboring booths (six sales).   And I learned a lot about local crafting venues, met a lot of great people, and am well on my way to refining what I offer and how I present it.  My booth looked killer good (not just my opinion, but told to me several times).  DH forgot the camera, but if I can ever figure out how to upload pix from my cell phone, I’ll share.

So here is Block 6 of the Images of Africa quilt.    The drum art picture was printed onto silk then basted to the frayed canvas before being appliqued onto the block.  Again, embellishments are more African “in feel” than actually African.  And another lady was fussy-cut from fabric and fused on.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve used those images alot - I LOVE that fabric.

I’ve got pictures to share in the next couple days of some of the aprons and sachets I’ve made.  And CQ Art Nouveau block for a round robin.  After I unload and put away my boutique things tomorrow (DEFINITELY NOT TONIGHT),  I’ll snap some pictures.

Right now, I think I’ll go grab a glass of wine and do a Sudoku, then read.  INDOORS.

Cathy maroon


Laurie said...

Heat, humidity, outdoors! Now there's a combo! And women in full period garb!? Yes I agree! Insane! I'm glad you did so well though, and hope the pictures on the phone turn out. I'm sure Colleen will post some also. Isn't she a blast!?

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Hey Cathy - it's Colleen, from Main Street Memories. I'm Laurie's friend and mat you Saturday? LOVE your blog and LOVED your booth! It WAS beautiful! I only have a couple of photos of it, but I can send them to you if you'd loke..just drop me your email - mine is

I totally agree wabout the Days of 47 and all the hoopla- I love it but sort of feel it is more than the 4th of July! And I love the term.."Bass Ackwards"! Do you hold classes? Haven't read all the way through your blog, so I may discover taht you do..I'll be back but gotta go to work today..It was nice meeting you!

FredaB said...

Now they want you to teach classes?
Only kidding but know all what you do you are lucky you get time to do a Sodoku. I have never done one and don't want to go there. Will stick to reading in my spare time.

Glad you did okay at the sale. Would have been a bummer in all that heat and humidity if you didn't. The stuff left over can go in your etsy - inbetween teaching classes and taking pics of all your stuff - TIC.

We have been having it very hot also.
90's almost all July and high 90's later in the week. I have been staying pretty much in the house. The garden is wilting but there is always next year - we hope.