Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Images of Africa: Blocks 7 and 8

Looking back at these blocks, I realize I really had a “tight” or narrow color scheme.   For me, these colors say “Africa”, and yet I’m well aware that many traditional African fabrics are bright reds, green, yellow, blue, etc. In fact, I own many actual African fabrics, and my intention was always to do a series of African quilts with different themes, piecing methods and even types - an art quilt vs. a crazy quilt for example, or even perhaps a traditionally-pieced quilt.  (A sane quilt?!?  Am I crazy, you ask??)

About 8 or 9 of the 12 quilt blocks were pieced at the John Campbell Folk School in 2006, when Martha Green (with Lisa Caryl assisting) taught a week-long class there.  What a great, fun class it was, with Donna Johnson, Allie Aller, Willa Fuller, Kathleen Glynn, myself, Carol Kramer and several other ladies who didn’t become CQ “regulars”.  The above block was one of my favorites from the start, mainly because I loved the giraffe.  Naturally, I had to give her vines to chew on!  I did more stitching on this one, too, which is hardly noticeable with all the busy prints.

This block was another favorite.  I went crazy with those folded flowers that Lisa Caryl taught us.  And that was my first-ever beaded mandala in the center left area.  I also loved the silkie of the woman in native dress.  The orange fiber in the upper right is rather funky, but at the time I guess I couldn’t come up with a better way to repeat that color in the corner.  There’s so much about this quilt that I’d change now, but I guess the point is to grow.... and do the different things on a new quilt.

Today I spent the afternoon tending and bonding with my DGD London.  I was too busy chasing playing with her to get any pictures, but that was just fine by me!  Her dad, my son Shane, was asleep in a guest bedroom while we played; he’s been doing alot of single parenting lately, and his attempts to get her onto a schedule have been thwarted by London’s mom.   So, today I brought lunch over to their place, brought them back to my house to sleep (Shane) and play (London).  She loved exploring everything, and I got to bathe her and play dress-up, too.  I also bought them an umbrella stroller, more bibs and sippy cups, and a few other things (what’s a grandma for?).  And when Bruce came home, we all had dinner together before they went home at 7-ish.  London finally konked out!  It was such a wonderful day with my son and granddaughter!!

Well, now I must catch up on email and then collapse into bed!  I’ll have sweet dreams tonight!

Cathy maroon


Carol said...

Is so funny how each of us perceive things differently. The color scheme of this quilt is so appealing to me and it says Africa in each block. You see things you would change and wish you had done differently. A novice, I see perfection and am amazed how a giraffe leads to a vine etc. I love your work. You are one of my favs!

Melody said...

Wow Cathy! Those blocks are wonderfully African to me! The color, textures, themes...terrific.
Sounds like you had a very fun day with the little one and your bigger one.
Hope you're havin a great day today!