Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gerry's Visit

My dear friend Gerry K came to visit me last week for several days.  We've been stitching buddies for several years, having met on the Crazy Quilting International (Yahoo) list.  Over the years we've been secret sisters, penpals, Retreat planners and attendees, mutual support/cheerleaders and friends.  
So, for three days, we stitched, laughed, stitched, talked, stitched, shopped, stitched, shopped some more (well, we ARE after all, CQ'ers).  
Gerry is the goddess of creativity.  She won't like being called that, but it's true, as most of my readers already know.  Here she is (above) working on the now-famous stumpwork straw hat for her Ode to Daffodils block.  

Below is the table in my studio that we worked at, full of supplies and inspiration (a polite way of saying a MESS).  Like my studio.   I told her to use or take whatever she wanted, so she had fun (I believe) puttering through my stash over the three days.   I tried to get her to leave me the daffodil block, but she was too smart for that!  ;-)  You can see it on her blog here
And yes, I do miss her!


  1. What fun for the two of you. I doubt I would get anything accomplished if I had all that "stuff" to fun my fingers through and sort.

  2. I"m sure you two crazies must have had a ball! I wish someone would come to Maine and have some creative playtime with me..Debbie(Maine)

  3. By the smiles on your faces you must have had a great time - isn't it so much fun to play with someone who loves to do what you love? I think we should have a "play in someone elses stash" day - that would be a blast!

  4. Oh, what I wouldn't give to play at your table with you two!!!!! And don't sell yourself're just as creative -- what a great life you lead!

  5. You two look like you are having the best time in the world!!
    What a delightful friendship...thanks for sharing it with us!


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