Sunday, February 7, 2010

Embossing Velvet

On Crazy Quilting International, our February Challenge is working with velvet.  Specifically, we've been working with stamping (embossing) velvet, making velvet flowers and sharing tips on working with velvet.  Below are some pieces I recently stamped.

The fleur de lis is a stamp I recently purchased.  Every time I purchase one now (for whatever reason), DH asks if I'm starting a new collection to give away!  LOL.   The lavender velvet on the right is to die for, but this was the last little scrap I had.

The above (teacup) and below (teapot) stamps are ones I'd given away.  Can you hear me kicking myself?

Below, some leaves and trees

Below are some leaves and patterns we stamped at our CQI retreat last September 

The paisley below was stamped (or embossed somehow) by my friend 
Donna J and given to me as a giftie last summer in Omaha

Next, I hope to do some experimentation with flowers in velvet.....


  1. I don't understand how you stamp them, but they are just beautiful.

  2. These came out so great...I esp like those dark green velvet trees...such detail!

  3. Gorgeous Cathy! I love that teacup - I think I'll kick you too for getting rid of that one! lol

    These may actually be the best excuse I have seen for getting out the iron and ironing board!

  4. Very lovely Cathy, What a great collection you have made!!!


    Ann Flowers

  5. This is so pretty! I bet you use heat to emboss [?] I'll have to google it and find out! That's a really neat effect and will look great in a crazy quilt!

  6. Pretty! Isn't it a certain fabric content you have to have for this to work?

  7. Hello Cathy your embossing on velvet is lovely. The tea cup stamps are great as is the other ones too. I must give this a try. Hugs Judy

  8. Very lovely collection of stamps! they are so good on the velevet. Is any of that fabric cotton velveteen? How do you find that to work with(if you have ever used it?)

  9. Ooooh. I love the gold with the leaves. Very pretty! They're all gorgeous! The detail on the teacup is nice!

  10. Cathy these are really neat. Your embellishing is all done for you when you use one of these. What kind of velvet do you use or does it matter.




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