Monday, February 15, 2010

Antiquing Treasures

Today was a semi-holiday from work for me.  I only had to go in for an hour to get a couple things done, and the Farm had modified business hours.  And poor DH had to work today.  So, I thought maybe I'd head over to the final day of an estate sale I'd gotten notice of.  Couldn't get into much trouble there, could I???  LOL.  Well, I didn't.  But I picked up a few goodies, and on the way home passed by an antique mall.   Since I was in a shopping mood, I stopped and did a bit more shopping to complete my morning.

So let me show you some of my treasures.  

Over at Crazy Quilting International, this month's Challenge (as I mentioned a couple posts ago) is Velvet. It was natural, then, that these vintage velvet fruits caught my eye.   I would estimate them to be from the forties or so, and they feel like silk velvet.  I don't know if they're supposed to be apples or what, but I love them!  And the collar is a fifties satin collar with goldwork.  Since our December Challenge will be goldwork, and I'll be joining in a goldwork round robin later this summer, I felt that $2 to purchase and study the goldwork on this collar was a good deal.  Both of these came from the estate sale.

The pierced-edge cherries plate (sooo fifties!) and the two cute berry bowls with gold trim were purchased at the antique mall.  Tonight we used the bowls to eat apricots (canned), since there's not a berry in the house in February!  I wish there had been more than two.  And the plate will sit up on the shelves in the kitchen where I display my cookie jars and other assorted pottery.  Someday I'll have to take pictures of that.....

The little rose vase had no chips, so I thought it would look cute in my frou-frou guest room.  The little jar on the right was actually something I picked up at a thrift store last month for $1.  I plan to make a pincushion in it.  The battenburg lace collar was "thrown in" at no cost from the estate sale dealers today (they're the ones I bought the Singer treadle sewing machine and vintage mirror from last summer).  

And you know me and vintage aprons..... I couldn't pass this vintage apron of pink tulle, silver rick rack and pink satin ribbons!   Obviously, this was a hostess/cocktail apron and not utilitarian!  It looks like something Glenda the Good Witch would wear.

More hankies, vintage baby booties, an embroidered pillowcase (a cutter) and some vintage crocheting.  The crocheting is done in four separate panels, sewn together.  I'm going to separate them and use the individual pieces in crazy quilting - those are just perfect pansy colors, don't you think?

The pink and black embroidered piece will look good incorporated into some vintage-inspired artsy apron.  The crocheted potholder is just something, like the baby booties in the previous picture and the vintage baby sweater in this one, that I'm apparently collecting.  I guess when I have at least a half dozen of something (why am I so fascinated with odd things like this?) it becomes a collection.  And the Vogart transfer.  I've been collecting vintage transfers thanks to the wayward influences (LOL) of my friend Pam Kellogg of Kitty and Me Designs.   Actually, I had three large envelopes of Italian transfers that I bought at a yard sale about ten years ago (and have used), but between Pam's influence and my love of embroidered linens (kitchen linens and pillowcases) from the thirties, forties and fifties, well, things just evolved.    

Some day I'll have to show you some of my collections.  Like my hankies; I swear, they multiply on their own when I close the drawers they're in, LOL.  Cookie jars, paperweights, vintage lace, vintage floral postcards.....  it's a good thing DH really loves me!   But then, you ought to see his crap collections of resistors, capacitors, wires, tools, etc. in his "la-BOR-atory".   We're definitely a match made in heaven!



  1. That was fun. I love seeing your finds. I'm wishing for a day of such browsing.

  2. Oh didn't wait for me!!! Gerry K

  3. Oh you just wait, Gerry. We've got several good places to go! Can't wait until you get here! Hugs, Cathy

  4. Oh Cathy, what nice things you found. I wish we lived closer. Although, maybe it's a good thing that we don't! You and I would be dangerous if we went junkin' together!

    I just posted some treasures of mine on my blog from the weekend. Oh, the thrill of the hunt!

  5. Right on Cathy! I love these treasures! I have just spent all day in my sewing room, destashing, forcing myself to part with some of my treasures - sob!

  6. Hahaha!! You and your hubby sound just like me and mine! Ken stirs me up all the time about my collections - linens, books, swapcards, etc., and I never miss an opportunity to rag him about his nuts and bolts collection in the garage!

  7. Hello Cathy, You found some lovely treasures. Hugs Judy

  8. Cherry-O!!!! Love that plate!

    Cheers or Cheeri-o or hi Ho Cherry O xo SUsan

  9. It is great to have something we like in life that doeesn't cost us too much, doesn't make us sick, gives us a healthy high and that is antiquing, flea marketing, etc.

    You picked up some beautiful things. I haven't been to the flea market for a couple of weeks because of the cold - in Florida yet.



  10. What a fun post! You make me laugh with the crossed out "crap".

    And you did get some goodies!

    Well I think it's time to go watch the last 4 min of the Jazz game... my favorite part.

    Later, Cat

  11. Was a real treat to read all about your finds Cathy..loved it.
    How cheap your finds are? twice 3 times more in UK:O((

    I loved to about hubby.. I have the same understanding with mine..I have crafts and used to have a spare room once lol..DH has collections of antique or interesting clocks and car badges from around the world( so its great to loose him to the converted attic room with his toys :O)))
    Hugs from Pam

  12. Wish I could have a job scouring thrift stores!
    The Pink Tulle Apron is a treasure for sure!


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