Monday, February 8, 2010

New Blog & Velvet Stamping Answers

My dear friend Debbie Q from Maine has finally - after years of nagging from several of us - started her own blog.  To kick it off, she is having a giveaway!

If you are a crazy quilter, collage artist, or just plain ol' love beautiful goodies, you'll want to drop by and say hello.  Debbie's blog is here  and I know she'd love for you to stop in.  Welcome to the Blogosphere, Debbie!

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I'd like to briefly answer a few of the questions you had about embossing (stamping) velvet.  It is a simple process that is done basically with a dry iron, velvet, and a rubber stamp.  Rayon velvet is the best to use (yields the crispest image), but others work too.  Even velveteen can be stamped, although the pile is not as thick and results aren't as nice.   Also, it is preferable to use good rubber stamps with clear, deeply etched images.  The heat of the iron will melt foam stamps or plastic templates.

Basically, select your velvet and stamp.  Lay the rubber stamp so the rubber image portion is facing up.  Lightly mist the velvet, then place over the image, pile side down.  Press the dry iron on the back of the velvet and hold (do not rock) for 10 seconds (give or take a few - you'll get to where you can tell).  That's it!!

One of the best online sources is Hot Potatoes .  They sell everything from the stamps to the velvet, among other things.  There's a lot more information out there - just google "velvet stamping" and you'll find all sorts of fun things!!

Must get back to stitching.  I'm almost done with Leslie's wool block....



  1. You explain it well! The embossing is just so cool!
    Have a great day!

  2. I'll pop over and say WELCOME!
    I know she'll have a ball.
    Thanks ;-)


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