Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Some Old CQ Eye Candy

This is an 8" block that I did several years ago. I believe it was for a contest where some of the materials were provided - in this case, the silk print images, the pre-made ribbon pansies, the lace and some beads and fibers. It rather reminds me of this Valentine-y time of year, so I thought I'd post it. Even though there are things I'd add or change now, I've always liked this piece. In fact, it's one of my favorites!

In the close-up below, you can see the fantastic gold-and-jewel trim I used. That was a great find on some old dress at the thrift store. I also used some of that same trim on my 2008 CQI Purse (here). The lace and dragonfly were dyed lightly with potassium permanganate, I crocheted the pansy, and the big purple pansy bead was a gift from my friend Andrea.

The pansy in this corner was embroidered with a single strand of Eterna silk. The painted pansy button was a gift from someone, don't remember who.


  1. Cathy, I have just recently become interested in Crazy Quilting, and I have to say... I love your stuff, little crocheted things and everything.

    I just tried my first 6" block to see if I liked it, and I have nowhere near embelished mine like this.... I am almost embarassed to post my first attempt. I just wanted to get something done quick so I could feel like I have actually done something lately, LOL!... but I guess now I have to start collecting more buttons and things.... hmmm.... here comes ebay. VBG

    Anyway... beautiful stuff.

  2. I love the apron! I've thought about making me something like this for a while, but use it as a tool belt instead. And the cq patch is gorgeous!

  3. Cathy, I just found your blog this morning and am having the best time reading and studying the photos. I love your work and especially your eye for color. Your choices really appeal to me, you definately have made a "regular" reader out of me. Thanks for sharing your blog with a newbie such as myself.


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