Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Cream Work

I forgot that I hadn't posted the recent work I did on my friend Gerry's round robin block. This is for our "Crazily Cream" round robin in Crazy Quilting International. As I was the last person in the rotation for Gerry's block, there was only a little area in the lower left corner for me. That's pretty typical when you get a lot of crazy stitchers working together, LOL!! So, I crocheted a basket of cotton crochet thread, then wove it with some brown fiber to give it a more, well, woven look and give it some visual weight to offset the other darker areas in the block. To that I added a bouquet of Fargo roses, gold vines, a couple rosette stitches, and some bugle and seed bead flowers.

The sequin/button motif I also added, plus the little lace flowers above it, the gold fly-stitch seam to the left, and some rachelette woven into the lace below. Wherever I could find a few centimeters, LOL!!
The lace butterfly in the upper right had some pale chain stitching on the wings already. I added more gold chain stitching, plus outlined the butterfly in a gold backstitch to emphasize it more without adding any visual weight. And some pearls for the antennae. That lovely bead ribbon above the butterfly was done by Cobi. The finished block is below.

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  1. Love the basket you did! Lush and full of blooms!

    Wanted to thank you for the link to Evening Star Designs as I was able to put in an order for some things I've been hunting for! Wonderful service and lovely supplies!


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