Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good News and Bad News

First, the good news. The new issue of CQMagOnline is out and it is, IMHO, the best issue ever! If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

The bad news: We had another flood at our home. The first time in August (see account here), we caught it quickly and the damage was limited to fixing a pipe and replacing one panel of drywall. Unfortunately, this time I started a load of laundry in the washer (only 5 years old) and we left to take DD and DSIL out to lunch at Red Lobster. We were gone about an hour, and when we came back, half the basement was under 3 inches of water. It seems that the washing machine (bad sensor?) never turned the water off when it was done filling, and it overflowed and ran for that hour. The drain in the laundry room didn't handle it well, and ..... OMG what a mess!

So, we've filed an insurance claim and the disaster clean-up people were out. The water has been sucked up and the carpets torn back. About a half dozen huge fans are running down here, as well as a de-humidifier. They are deafening, and it's so breeeeeezy in here!!

It appears the only damage was to carpets (which may be saved) and some walls - which they won't know the extent of for a few days. Just depends on how far up the water wicked. My studio was OK, but I did have to move some things and one bookcase is in question.... The newly-remodeled bathroom was flooded, but the flooring is tile, so the only question is the state of the lower cabinets and the lower wall area. The office area, where I'm sitting at the computer now, just has a damp wall and carpet. DH's electronics "laBORatory" has wet carpets, but no supplies or equipment involved. And the furnace room was wet and the drain there seemed non-functioning as well.

So, tomorrow we're staying home. We'll get the rooter people out here to clean these drains, call the repairman for the washing machine, meet with the disaster company estimator and the insurance adjustor to work on estimates and claims. Can't get to my CQ stitching and piecing unless I crawl under my folding work table to get to that area of my studio. And yes, I'll probably do that!



  1. Judy passed on the tip to me about the CQ Magazine... have already checked into it.

    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate luck with the washer... never a pleasant experience to come home to that... and you know what, Murphy's Law... we are never home when these things happen. Hope you get things sorted out quickly.

  2. Hello Cathy. Yes, I agree the CQ Online Mag. is truly wonderful and inspirational. I was soooooooooo sorry to hear about your wet basement incident. Hopefully it can be all cleaned up and repaired easily. Hugs Judy

  3. Oh Cathy, I'm so sorry to hear about you flooding. I hope this doesn't impact your trip.

    BTW, my blog is on its way to you. And I LOVE your new banner and background. Very nice.

  4. On Cathy! So sorry to hear about the flood. What a mess! Good the insurance covers the cleanup though.

    I love your blog's new look!

  5. Hi Cathy! Well, looks like you could use a little fun in the midst of all this, so, you have been tagged for 6 Picture Meme... check out the details at my blog:
    I know you are busy right now, and a little fun planned for the mix, so when you get can look forward to this.
    Have fun!


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