Friday, April 1, 2011

Off to Connecticut

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I board the plane (with dear friend Gerry K) and we head east to Connecticut for The Adventure in Crazy Quilting.

Although the Adventure itself doesn’t start until Thursday, April 7 (classes begin the 8th), we are both taking a 3-day stitching workshop with Sharon Boggon beginning on Sunday April 3.  Woo-hoo!!

I think I am done packing. Maybe I’ll round up a healthy snack or two for the plane and turn in before midnight tonight. As if I could sleep!!!

After the Adventure, DH is flying in to join me, and we will take an additional week to explore the beauty of Connecticut, the wonder of the NYC garment district, and possibly a swing through Providence, Rhode Island, where my son lived for a few years.

I am so looking forward to meeting old friends (make that long-time friends, LOL) and finally meeting so many people. How nice it will be to connect names to faces! And to be surrounded by women afflicted with the same enthusiasm for crazy quilting!

Watch for lots of pictures when I return in a couple weeks!

Cathy maroon


Melody said...

Oh Boy, Sounds like a great time.
Hope you take lots of pics and don't forget those great antique malls in Conn.!