Saturday, December 31, 2022

Year-End Recap

Well, this year flew by, didn’t it? It’s time to grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and pull up a chair. I’ll do all the work as we hit the highlights of the quilting year here at Chez Kizerian. I had hoped to finish one more quilt this week (month/year), but my Bernina is in the shop for her annual “spa treatment”.  I’m excited to share some (studio/machine) changes that are in the works! I won’t say more than that now, but next week I’ll share the whole story. 

In the meantime, I’m using my backup sewing machine, Bob. It’s a Brother. As in “Oh Brother, why isn’t this da** thing feeding evenly?” In the past, I have quilted on it using a serpentine stitch, but Bob was having none of that this week. No sirrree. So, I’ve ended the year having made 57 quilts, and quilting/binding another 24 “community” quilts (explained below) for donation. I’ll take it. 

So for this roundup post, I thought I’d share my Favorite Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts, Favorite Personal quilts, Favorite Donation quilts and favorite Community Donation quilts. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Favorite Personal Quilts

There wasn’t much to choose from in this category, so there are only two favorites. There would’ve been three if I could have finished the Zipper quilt I was trying to get done this week, but I guess that will now roll into 2023.

First up is Swimmingly. This was finished as part of this year’s Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR). Bruce claimed it and uses it regularly. 

The other favorite personal quilt was this Antique Tiles quilt I finished earlier this month. It’s going into my depleted “To Be Gifted” pile, waiting for its assignment. 

Favorite Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) Quilts

The first RSC favorite quilt is this January finish, made from Split Nine Patch blocks. This little quilt used the warm colored blocks made during 2021.

Next up is this bullseye version of the classic Courthouse Steps block. The perfect fabric to tie these colors together was given to me by my RSC friend Julie. It was used for the borders and backing. 

My final favorite donation quilt was Rainbow Elephants. It was one of 5 elephant quilts finished this year. 
Two more will be coming in the first quarter of the new year. At that time, I’ll show all of them in a post. My friend Nann donated the cute elephant print fabric used in the border and backing.

Favorite Donation Quilts

I think this category is honestly just an excuse to show more quilts because every quilt in this entire post, with the exception of the two personal quilts, was donated to Quilts for Kids. 

This sailboat quilt was made from a pattern and some fabric scraps that were donated to our chapter of Quilts for Kids. I added some of my own fabrics and scraps to expand the quilt and complete the border and backing.

This next quilt is simple, but I fell in love with it early on in the creation process. I had been saving blue and green batik scraps for a couple years and finally had enough to take a stab at making a checkerboard quilt in blues and greens. So, I channeled my inner Wanda (who also has been a very generous fabric donor), set to work, and ended up with this quilt. I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

And speaking of Wanda, she also donated the backing fabric that was the inspiration for this strings-and-patchwork quilt. This was another favorite make, largely because the creative process with strings, scraps and a limited color palette was so much fun.

Favorite Community Quilts

What is a Community Quilt? It’s a quilt whose blocks - or the entire top - are made by someone else, which then is gifted to me to quilt, bind and donate. Sometimes the donors provide the backing (although that is NOT necessary). I provide the batting, thread and labor. This year, two quilts were donated to Wrap Ukraine with Quilts , and every other quilt was donated to the Salt Lake Chapter of Quilts for Kids

This first quilt was donated by McGill U.  The pattern is called Ring of Stars and can be found at Connecting Threads HERE.

My other favorite Community Quilt was this beauty donated by Julie K - the same Julie who donated the border fabric for the bullseye courthouse blocks quilt (linked above under Favorite RSC Quilts). 

Honorable Mention:

Another blatant excuse to show more quilts. Remember, I did warn you to get a beverage and pull up a chair. Which I probably didn’t even need to, because who reads blog posts while standing up?

This little number is the cool-colored version of the split nine-patch quilt shown above. It was as enjoyable as the first, and makes me realize I need to add this versatile block to my RSC repertoire for 2023.

I couldn’t leave this elephant quilt out. I actually made two of these in identical colors and fabrics. 

And finally, this quilt helped me whittle down some random width-of-fabric strips and bright solid scraps. I plan to make more of these in the future. So many ideas, never enough time!

As you can tell (by the names and links in this post, which is in no way exhaustive), there were so many wonderful people who contributed fabric, ideas, blocks, tops, patterns and feedback to help me with my quilting efforts this year. I am truly humbled and appreciative of your friendship and generosity. I also want to thank my dear readers for following along, offering comments and support. You’re the reason for being here. Thank you!

May you all have a wonderful New Year celebration, and good health and happiness in 2023.


  1. Amazing number of quilts you've finished!! You have given joy to so many with your donations and your blogging posts...Thanks for another wonderful year ...Happy New Year to you nd yours..hugs, Julierose

  2. You amaze me with all of the extra quilting and binding you do in addition to making tops and finishing them. Your elephant quilts continue to be my favorites, all of them.
    Happy New Year, good health and great happiness!

  3. I always love your quilts full of rainbow goodness, Cathy! Your generosity in quilting the community quilts is amazing, too. Hope your Bernina returns from the spa refreshed and ready for a productive new year! Happy New Year to you and Bruce!

  4. Loved all your choices of Favourites for 2022. A very productive and creative year. I look forward for the final Parade of Elephants in 2023 and more quilts like the black and white strips with bright solid squares too. Funnily enough I was looking at you finished quilts for 2022 earlier this afternoon and these last two jumped out to me as my favourites. Happy New Year, friend. 💐💐

  5. that is an amazing number of quilts - what size do you make for your "community" quilts they look like maybe crib size? They are all wonderful

  6. Fifty-seven quilts!? You're putting us all to shame! :) I love seeing your fun designs all year, and I like watching you make something nice out of donated pieces and parts. And who didn't love the elephants this year? Here's to a happy and productive 2023!

  7. WOW Cathy, that's an amazing number of quilts! Do you sleep at all?! lol They are so cheerful and beautiful! Love the elephant quilt, so cute. Happy New (Quilting) Year!

  8. Such a great year of production of beautiful quilts to mostly give others a smile. You are amazing! I always love to visit your blog for the eye candy and inspiration. Can't wait to see what 2023 has in store. I bet you didn't even put a dent into those scraps and it will just keep going. Happy new year! ~~ Kathy S.

  9. I need to add that split nine patch to my blocks in 2023! Love the elephants - they always make me smile.

  10. Wonderful quilts! It must have been very hard to pick your favorites. Personally, I love the patchwork pachyderms, but I love all the others too. Have a very happy New Year!

  11. You continue to provide inspiration and delight, Cathy! Here's to a very scrappy new year!

  12. Impressive and inspiring. Happy New Year. Let's see if you can get to 60 quilts in 2023.

  13. Your work is absolutely amazing. I’m not a quilter but I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing more creations in 2023. All the best for the new year.

  14. Cathy, your blog just makes me smile. It is a bright spot in my day. Your quilts, your writing and your humour are delightful! I look forward to seeing what you make this year! Happy New Year!

  15. I don't know where to start - you had some FABULOUS finishes! Wow!!! I love those split 9-patch blocks for scrappy RSC projects going forward. Hmmm - you've made my brain start spinning with ideas again. Happy New Year!!

  16. What wonderful quilt show you put on in 2022! So many beautiful quilts. Great 2022 for you and I'm looking forward to seeing what you finish this year. Happy 2023!

  17. This is a fabulous post! It was like visiting a quilt show. The variety of patterns and beautiful fabrics were a treat to see. I particularly like the Swimmingly quilt. I love the idea of the SAHRR and have visited the blogs of quilters who participated. Alas, I don't think I have the patience or the ability to stick with it for the entire year. Instead, I will enjoy the finished quilts from the sidelines.


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