Saturday, December 26, 2020

My 2020 Quilty Year in Review

Last week Angela, the leader of our online group Rainbow Scrap Challenge, asked us to share our 2020 RSC finishes for this final Scrappy Saturday link-up of the year. This year I followed along and made my selected blocks in the assigned color of the month. Some of those blocks have been sewn into quilts for this post, and others need more blocks and will carry over into 2021. However, there are some rainbow blocks from previous years that got made into finished quilts this year. 

In addition to the regular rainbow (all-color) quilts, I had so many scraps and orphan (leftover) blocks that I made a single-color scrappy quilt almost every month with that month’s assigned color. I called them “Creature” quilts, because like Frankenstein, they were made up of spare parts! The Creature Quilts names started out fairly straightforward. But as time went on, friends and fellow bloggers got into the spirit and helped come up with some whimsical and silly names. 

So, let’s get started.

Creature From the Green Lagoon, January

Creature From the Orange Grove, February

Creature From the Aqua Covid Lab, March (that’s when the novel coronavirus hit!)

There was no April Creature Quilt, because the color for April was light/bright blue, and my intent was to combine them with the dark blue scraps into one quilt later on.

Creature From the Mossy Mountain, May

Creature From the Bubblegum Factory, June

Creature From the Blue Precinct, July

For this next quilt, I didn’t have enough purple scraps to do an entire quilt. So I combined the purples with more orange scraps. I had wanted to work out some kind of volcano theme, but it just wouldn’t come together. Then I found the small piece of animal fabric, and that solved the problem.

Creature From the Sunset Savannah, August

Creature With the Ruby Shades, September.
The hollow blocks in the four corners rather reminded me of Elton John-style glasses, so that’s where the name came from.

Creature From Bumblebee Acres, October

November and December were for working with our neutral scraps (white and lights, black, browns and grays). Additionally, it was time to assemble the year’s rainbow blocks, if not already done, into quilts. 

Creature From the Foggy Lagoon (grays plus red for accent), November

Creature From the Haunted Pumpkin Patch (grays with orange accents), December

Creature With No Name, December

There were also three other traditional rainbow quilts that I completed in 2020.

Nine P.M. (9 Patch Madness), April

Garlic Breath, May

Scraptastic Stars, December

And there you have it - the fifteen RSC quilts I made this year. all of them except two (9PM and Garlic Breath) were donation quilts.


Now I’ve begun some early work on January’s color, which will be pink. Also, one of my goals is to draw two project names from my list of quilts-to-be-made from the fabric themes of the scraps, kits and yardage I’ve been gifted with for Quilts For Kids.

The two January projects I’ll be working on (in addition to my RSC blocks, which I’ll introduce next week) are:  
                    Pink and Yellow Unicorn Cats

I’m so glad to have a pink project to work on simultaneously with pink scraps month. In fact, I’m wondering if I should maybe plan to do that moving forward.  We’ll see.  But let’s take a look at what we’ve got on tap for January.

Obviously, Alfie needed to get in on the act. He would NOT leave me alone while I sewed this week. He’s a very needy boy, so I had to stop several times just to hug and kiss and pet him. He is, after all, the boss.

So, here’s a better shot of these fabrics. Most are WOF (width of fabric) by anywhere from 7” to a half yard. It took awhile, but I came up with a plan, and will have enough fabric from these scraps to do a quilt that’s approximately 42x50”, including the back and binding. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the first blocks.

And then, here’s the Alphabet fabric, which was a piece from Angie. It’s the red one with the block letter in the center. The piece next to it with the bright dots on white is also a chunk she sent. I’ve pulled some possible pieces to go with it, as well as three yellow and red four-patches which were in the Quilts for Kids scraps. I’ll begin working on this project when the pink cats quilt is done.

In between preparing this post and working on getting January projects out the gate, I also assembled my Zipper blocks into a quilt top.

It’ll be another week or two before this one is sandwiched. Cousin Kim and I have our regular sewing Sundays, but this next one will be spent doing a lot of Show and Tell in addition to our usual sewing. Kim’s son-in-law works for Grace Quilting Company, and she got a lot of wonderful quilting accessories (not a long- or mid-arm machine) for Christmas. Woo-hoo!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever Holiday you celebrate. Ours was quiet, and enjoyable. Now we’re just about to the end of the year. I hate New Year’s Eve these days because of all the noise (scared pets) and fireworks - I’ve never really understood the appeal of loud, fiery things. Give me a good round of Auld Lang Syne anytime!


  1. Oh, I love your one-color quilts, and their names! Very funny, and it's a very good idea to use extra blocks this way!

  2. Your Creature quilts have been a lot of fun to follow along with this year. You've been so creative in putting those orphan blocks together, Cathy! I'll enjoy seeing what you make in 2021!

  3. I didn't realize that you had made a "Creature" (feature-- hahaha) quilt for every month! How wonderful!!
    I love them all being the scrappy/improv lover that I am;))
    I haven't kept track of what I've made in 2020...mostly given away as gifts...

    I love how your Zipper quilt came out--so charming, Cathy...

    I want so much to do some string blocks next....on papers...
    I have bags of them raveling in my closet, calling my name....;000

    Here's wishing you fun sewing in the coming year...
    Hugs from a chilly but sunny SE CT Julierose

  4. Ooh, these are so wonderful I could look at them all day! So much color and pattern! You really did have a scraptastic year, and I'm sure everyone who received your quilts is glad of it.

  5. Havent you done well! Your stars quilt is lovely, my favourite. Like you, m contemplating pink too for January 2021.

  6. Your Creature quilts are some of my favorite RSC projects of 2020. They are SEW much fun!!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your Radom Drawing quilts in 2021.

  7. wow! you sure got alot done! somehow i missed it along the way that you were doing scrappy/orphan blocks in the COM. congratulations 10X over! are you running out of fabric now? hahahahha!!!

  8. Your collection of Creature quilts is very impressive, and they will be loved by whoever receives them. I'm crazy about your 9P.M. and the Scraptastic Stars!

  9. Alfie’s tucked leg pretends nonchalance while his eyes scream needy. And yes, seeing all of the creature quilts together is delightful and amazing.

  10. Such a productive year. Your ideas for the Pink and Alphabet quilts sound great. I love the quirky pink cat fabric, your first blocks are lovely.

  11. You get an A+,five stars and a big smiley face for your productive year of delightful quilts. I like your theme idea. I didn't realize those were unicorn cats. I thought they were horny cats.

  12. What a wonderful parade of quilts. You have had such a productive year! Best wishes for lots of fabric fun in the new year.

  13. What fun to look back over your 'Creature' quilts! As always I'm left in total awe of your productivity but now I realize that you've had furry help in the background all along. That explains it!!
    Happy 2021 wishes to you all - hopefully it will see a return to our lives that seemingly have been put on hold for so long.

  14. It's amazing how all the orphan block "Creature Quilts" come together, looking like that were planned that way. I guess I never realized that you names the garlic knots quilt Garlic Breath. I laughed out loud at that one. But Scraptastic Stars is still my favorite. The countdown is on toward 2021.

  15. Such a productive year with scraps! I'm still new to this so am continuing my one from last year and thinking about a new project. A slow start into the world of RSC! As an aside, when I looked at the creature with no name I saw the Chicago El train tracks!! My two cents!

  16. I love that you've gathered all your creatures together - a big rowdy crowd to celebrate the New Year!

  17. All so wonderful. You are so talented and you have a great imagination for designs and ideas. I was so happy to follow along with you this year. I am going to be right there in the new year as well. AND I am joining in with RSC. I have so many scraps that need homes!
    I hope you have the best of New Years.

  18. I loved seeing all the Creature Quilts together - what fun! You are much farther ahead in your 2021 quilt planning. I need to get my act together!

  19. Wow, you've had such a productive year! It must be such a great feeling to get so much done - I wouldn't know...

  20. Oh my goodness! You've done a fabulous job with your scraps! I'm planning to rejoin RSC this year. My scrap bins are bulging at the seams. As you may have guessed, I didn't come to Utah for Thanksgiving as planned. But I will get there one day when it is a little safer to travel. Happy New Year!

  21. Such a horrible year and such a fabulous year!!! I am glad that you were there with me on my quilty journey and I am thrilled that you shared so many (many many) bright, beautiful colorful and FUN projects. I still remember the post where you mentioned a journey to Mexico because you were eating tacos, a visit to the zoo because you were petting your fur babies. I want to find and bookmark that post with this caption "Read this to uplift your soggy spirits". If attitude has anything to do with it, I crown you the winner of 2020. Best Wishes to you and Bruce. Love you so much. Thank you for everything.

  22. What a pile of lovely quilts! I too dislike loud, and avoid crowds. Give me quiet anytime.


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