Saturday, November 28, 2020

Some Finishes and a Rainbow Flimsy

Winter has definitely arrived here in the Salt Lake Valley. It’s been cold and we’ve had rain. About three days ago we even woke up to a dusting of snow. I say Bring it On! Let’s get plenty of snow over the next 2-3 months; good for the water supply, good for tourism, good for the winter holiday spirit. And then come March 1, it can just go away! ... um ... Do you think Mother Nature is listening? I’m not holding my breath. 

So this past week, the stars aligned to allow me to get several projects finished. I love when that happens! The first finish was this four-patch posy quilt for Quilts for Kids. I tell you, it was pure bliss working on this project. I love the fabric and colors. It’s just so cheery!

In the 20 main 4-patch blocks, I quilted a swirly flower. It’s one of my go-to designs. You can see it better from the back.  I also did a vine along the outer floral border and a loopy design in the sashing. 


After laundering, the quilt measured 50x60”. 

Last Sunday, Cousin Kim and I basted this large quilt, which I’m calling Bear Tracks because of the masculine Dan Morris prints of deer, bears and owls. Anyway, this will go to my daughter-in-law’s father, Bill. It’s the third of four Christmas quilts I want to get done before Christmas. 

Bear Tracks measures 78x88” and was straight-line quilted at four-inch intervals. The outer blue narrow border was given a curled hook pattern. Simple, but echoed some of the same motifs in the fabric. Here’s the backing.  You can click on these pictures to enlarge them and see the beautiful fabric.

And then I remembered that before I could mail off my brother Steve's Christmas quilt (the panel quilt of the snowy truck), I had to finish the zip pouch I was planning for him. This was the last of the fat quarter of marijuana-themed fabric that I’d ordered earlier in the year. Previously I’d made Steve a mask out of the fabric, plus I cut two zipper blocks (one for Kim, one for me) out of it. And now, the pouch. Seriously, I think I eked out every last leaf out of that print!  The pouch is 7x10”, quilted with a small stipple and sports a green zipper. Green is Steve’s favorite color.

And speaking of Cousin Kim and the zipper blocks, let me show you HER zipper quilt finish. Mine will be pretty much the same (at least 80% of our blocks are the same) once I get it sewn together. Isn’t it awesome? It looks like it’s just glowing!! Kim is giving it to her son Nick for Christmas. 

So, those are the finishes. Next, I played with strings and made another couple dozen multi-colored string blocks. But you don’t need to see a picture of those, because after you’ve seen a few dozen (like last week), you’ve seen them all. I’ll just keep working on them until my string bin looks depleted. Hahaha - as if.

I also took a few moments - and it was literally just a few moments - to sew together this Scraptastic Star flimsy.  With the 12 sixteen-inch blocks, it measures 48x60” and will be a great quilt for Quilts for Kids. I made these blocks all year as one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects. It’s high time I begin sewing some of the blocks together into tops, eh? 

My plan is to get Scraptastic Stars, along with the gray and orange scrappy column quilt (seen in progress  here) basted and quilted. I just realized that I’ve never shown that finished gray and orange top. Well, no matter. Hopefully I’ll have the finished quilt for you next week.

I received a surprise package from Sally this week. How sweet of her (I bet she hates me saying that) to gift me with a yard of this delightful Gumby and Pokey fabric. I was so excited that I wasted no time in pulling some potential matching strips from the QFK scraps for it. I’ll probably do something quick and easy with it like the third quilt on this page

And then not to be outdone, Molly Kitten (Sally’s supervisor), sent three bright and happy cat fabrics to Darla. I have no idea what those two felines are cooking up, but you can bet you’ll hear about it here.

Finally, I’m about to start the fourth of the four Christmas quilts to sew this year. This final one is for my son, Ryan.  I saw this line of fabrics at Connecting Threads and it just hit me how perfect it was. I bought a 10” square pack and lots of yardage. That’s not something that I often do, but it was during the time I was reading a draft of Ryan’s book manuscript, and the colors and prints just leaped out at me and said “Arahorn!”. Maybe someday I’ll explain that more. Anyway, the fabric must’ve been popular because it was GONE within a week or two. Now all the decisions have been made and the pieces are cut. Let the sewing begin!!

We had a wonderful, quiet Thanksgiving here at home this year. Except for last year, that’s what we usually have done over the last 10-12 years anyway. We  did talk or text with most of the family during the day. Then for a mid-afternoon dinner I made a wonderful turkey and dressing casserole, using Melody’s recipe, here. I didn’t get a picture, but if you check out the link, you can see it. Seriously, if you’re wondering what to do with your leftovers, or would rather just cook an easy turkey dinner next time, I heartily recommend this “turkey lasagna” without reservation. We added a bit of mild Italian sausage (and celery and onions) to the cornbread stuffing mix. It made enough for three dinners and a lunch. Anyway, we also had green beans from the garden and pumpkin pie for dessert. A simple, perfect day. 


  1. I'm always ready for winter to be gone by Mar 1, too, but on this side of the Rockies, we still sometimes get snow into May! You've been busy this week, and lots of quilty goodness to show for it, too. I love the scraptastic star flimsy - those are such a great block!

  2. And here in SE CT last year, we had only one very small snowstorm (about 2" tops) lasted only for one day!! Not my idea of winter at all--just damp and gray. Now that I don't have to travel to work anymore and fight the snow--it's gone--POUF!! S I G H...I just love to watch softly falling snow...perhaps this will be the year that the Ocean winds don't blow away the storms....
    Anyway...that Zipper quilt certainly does glow--it is beautiful!! And your Rainbow of Stars is are on a roll finishing up big quilts there...nice work...

    We had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner a was really a treat...
    Stay safe and enjoy your finishing up work hugs from afar Julierose

  3. My, you have gotten a lot done! I am so glad you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving. We will be having a quiet Christmas this year due to Covid restrictions. Love all the quilts and projects shown on your blog. Cousin Kim’s Zipper quilt is wonderful. Those blocks are a great idea. I can see why the first quilt is a favourite. The posy fabric is beautiful and the yellow sashing sets it off so well. Another busy satisfying week, Cathy.

  5. Congrats on your finishes (and Cousin Kim's, too!) I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those fabrics for Ryan and the telling of the Arahorn story. Thanks for the recipe link. The Turkey Lasagna looks delish!

  6. Kudos to you on those finishes. I liked to see that Zipper quilt. I was wondering how wild blocks like that would look together. I love it. Looking forward to your finish!

    We've had dustings of snow and rain but today it is finally sunny but windy. Our basement in this old farmhouse leaks like a sieve if we get too much rain so not wishing for that. Our Thanksgiving was quiet for the first time in eons. It was just like any other day. I'm not complaining. I enjoy any other days.

  7. So nice to see your finishes, you are always such a busy lady! I particularly like your Scarptastic Stars, such a great block. And speaking of great, just love those pussy cat fabrics too.
    It's cold and wet here too, in far away New Zealand, a shame really as it is late spring with the start of summer only days away. Never mind, the weather is sure to get better, and of course, we celebrate Christmas in summer time, no making snow men for us!

  8. I'm so glad you had such a lovely holiday! For 2020, that's doing really good. I love your finishes and *love* the stars. What a cheerful quilt that will be! Can't wait to see the one you're making for your son. It looks like it will be great. Fingers crossed for lots of snow! :)

  9. Love your Scraptastic Stars! That will be a fun quilt for a kid indeed! That turkey lasagna looks interesting--perhaps I'll try that at Christmas.

  10. Look at you being all busy and fun! Fantastic finishes, both yours and your cousin's! (Can't wait to see what you do with those pretty fabrics for your son!)
    I lived in Vermont for many many years, so I've had more than enough snow for a lifetime. White Christmas - okay, fine, but snow be gone by New Year's!

  11. Those Scraptastic Stars look like a wonderful idea for RSC. Instead of a gazillion little blocks that never get put together, some 16" blocks might make it to a finish. We're having a turkey dinner today since I had oral surgery on Monday and wasn't up to either cooking or eating for a while. So I'm off to throw a baby quilt in the wash and make cranberry sauce. Oh and it's sunny for the first time in two weeks, so a walk might be in order, too.

  12. Where to begin with my gushing over this post?? Four Patch Posey is just lovely, bright and sweet. And I adore Dan Miller fabrics and hadn't seen that woodsy line. His drawings are always so appealing. I almost typed "weedsy," which brings us to the zip pouch. Duuuuuude...that's a cool pouch, dude. Perfect to hold snacks or paraphernalia! The cat fabric does indeed look sneaky and up to no good, but the Pokey fabric!!! OMG! Pokey was my favorite toy as a little girl, and I had about 10 of the orange rubbery guys. I made them into a big family with elaborate backstories. Drew big eyelashes on the girls and made them all little ponchos out of fabric scraps. The metal wires inside them to make them poseable always broke right at the hips and shoulders, so the whole family had the same genetic defect, "Floppy Arm Syndrome." But with the right ball-point pen mascara, this disability was overcome. Great memories!

  13. So much eye candy! All the fabrics you have used are scrumptious. I especially like the fabrics you got for Ryan's quilt...can't wait to see that one finished. Did you explain the technique on the four patch? I love how that quilt turned out and am very curious if it is something I want to try my hand at. (After I finish all my other projects!
    We had a very quirt and "ful-filling" as well. Of course I cooked too much...we will be eating turkey until just before Christmas it seems!

  14. Wow, Gumby and Pokey fabric seems kind of random...although they are truly midcentury modern. Molly and Darla collaborating sounds like the beginnings of a crazed conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, Kim’s zipper quilt has me inspired to finish mine...once Buddy figures out the final layout.

  15. That was a mega-watt dose of cheerful scrappiness - loved it all!

  16. Just like an addict would smoke the joint to the very last puff, so also you squeezed the very last drop of joy from that leafy fabric, and I admire you for that. The zipper quilt is fabulous but ooh the Scrappy Stars will make a showstopper of a quilt. I am sure the kittens are up to mischief and I am looking forward to their next adventure.

  17. I find Mother Nature is decidedly hard of hearing and goes her own merry way despite our best pleas to the contrary! Great quilt finishes on show today - I have come to the conclusion that I love scrappy quilts the best and that's mainly because of you. AND - I absolutely am enthralled with that wonderful new fabric collection you got. Can't WAIT to see what you do with it!


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