Saturday, February 29, 2020

Lots of Quilt Finishes

Well, I didn’t plan to put off finishing these quilts until month-end; it just happened that way. There are four to show. Added to the one I finished last week, that makes five kids’ quilts (small by quilt standards) finished in February.

In my last post, I talked about the scrappy challenge that was given to me by our Quilts for Kids President, Sandy, last weekend. The quilt is now finished.

It still needs to be laundered and labeled, but I ran out of QFK labels, so I’ll have to run and pick some up next week. It won’t get turned in until our March QFK workshop. Scrap Rodeo finished at 38.5 x 50.5”.

Next up is the twin quilt to my February OMG (One Monthly Goal) quilt, that was Rainbow Charms #1 and this one is Rainbow Charms #2. The borders and backings are different, and they used different charms from the same charm pack. Finished size is 38.5 x 46”.

The third quilt is another String Stars quilt. I showed some of these blocks last week, but now they’re all done and so is the quilt (again, except for the label). This is the third string star quilt I’ve made since last year. It finished at 36x48”.

The next time I make a string star quilt, I’m going to try making 8.5” (unfinished) blocks instead of the 6.5”.  Since so many of the strings and strips come from trimmed quilt backings, they are looong. Maybe I can use them up at a faster clip with bigger blocks.

And last but not least is The Creature From the Orange Grove (37.5 x 46”). This creature isn’t particularly clever, as it’s somewhat mundane origin - an orange grove - would suggest. But who ever heard of an orange lagoon? Anyway, growing up in Southern California during the sixties and seventies meant that we had lots of orange groves to play in. It’s always fun in a puzzle-y sort of way to get things to fit together.

I had lots more orange scraps, but they are lying in wait with my purple and orange fabric pieces. When purple month is called for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, they will come out to play again with the purple scraps, and a new creature will emerge from the depths! muahahaha!

So, to sum up my sewing in February, here’s a collage of my orange Rainbow Scrap Challange blocks. Why not hop on over to Angela’s So Scrappy blog for Scrappy Saturday? Everyone will be sharing all their scrappy goodness.

Total orange blocks in February:  56. That number includes the scrap bucket as one block.  Also, I used ten of my seventeen 6.5” string blocks made this month in Creature, as well as a strip of selvages. The rest of the quilt was from the parts department and block orphanage.

And the five finished kids’ quilts for February:

Top: Multi String Stars, Rainbow Charms #1, Creature from the Orange Grove
Bottom: Scrap Roundup, Rainbow Charms #2

And now.... we’re on to Teal for March in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I’ll be starting on those scraps soon - after I do some studio clean-up. It looks as though Creatures have been playing in there...


  1. Nice finishes to the for the month of February--:--)))
    I am happy to make the switch to Teal--
    [altho' I found it interesting if not a bit confusing that:
    my husband looked at that color and said "..Oh, you mean green!!" Do all guys have this issue with blue/green and any mixture thereof???] lol

    I don't have a whole lot of teal scraps,,,so I am hoping I can make a Zig Zag and another Dresden....this month I will begin with the larger chunks...(duh--I am, it seems a slow
    learner...) hugs, Julierose

  2. You have some great finishes for February, really impressive! And you have gorgeous fabric!

  3. You are amazing to finish that red, white, and blue quilt in a week! I'm always impressed with what you accomplish, Cathy. Love the Creature from the Orange Grove, too!

  4. It’s so nice that so many quilters make and give quilts for great causes. I chuckled as I began to read, next is my mundane quilt. At first glance I knew it was my favorite quilt. Congratulations with these finishes and especially knowing they will be loved.

  5. It's so impressive to me that you finished five quilts in a month! I really like the Rainbow Charms quilts, especially the variety of lights that surround the bright charms. Such fun!

  6. I’m glad to see you back to showing finished quilts while the slo-mos show off mere blocks. And I love your binding for the string stars.

  7. My goodness, that's an awful lot of stitching, well done!

  8. You've been SEW productive!! I love that String Star AND Creature from the Orange Grove. However, now you've got me looking forward to purple month and seeing what's lurking in Creature from the Pumpkin Patch!

  9. You see oranges. I see peaches, apricots and mangoes too. I am thinking of a multi fruit orchard. So sweet and so yummy :-) Of course I am partial to the Sisters but the whirlygigs are so cheerful. Oh what joy it must be to be a playful creature in your studio...

  10. Another banner month. Must be because you had an extra day in February. I'm itching to get home and get back to doing some finishing. I ran out of projects to work on while on the road.


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