Saturday, February 15, 2020

Back From Arizona

It’s good to be back home again after our visit to family in southern Arizona. I’ve posted many times about our visits there, so I’m not going to again. Besides, I only took three pictures. It was nice seeing family again and everyone was on their best behavior most of the time (but there was a bit of drama here and there). The weather was beautiful until the last couple days of the trip, when it rained. But overall we had a good time, although the drive seems to get more brutal every year. And I won’t even tell you about one of Bruce’s infamous “short cuts” that took us 95 miles and a lot of time out of our way. We are considering flying next time, although that would limit the Talavera pottery we could bring back home, so we’ll see.

I did manage to get some Rainbow Scrap sewing done in orange before we left. Nothing much exciting to see - mostly selvages.

Fifteen orange selvage half hexies

Some 4” and 6” selvage columns - use to be determined at some future point

Some Beachcomber crumb blocks. Three were from 2019 and 2 were made this month

I worked some on my February One Monthly Goal (OMG) a bit. These are some of the low volume rainbow blocks I have so far.  They trim up to 8.5” and finish at 8 inches, so this may end up being one large or two smaller donation quilts.

And here are the string stars I sewed while in Arizona. There are more than this left to do, so again there will be enough for two quilts when completed. I’ll just keep plugging away.

And that’s it from my little corner of the sewing world. Not very newsy, eh? We are still tired and recovering from the “vacation” and the unpacking and laundry. The kitties are so happy to be home with us after their vacation imprisonment boarding.  We got daily pictures and updates from the vets’ office about them....

Alfie was scared (look at those eyes!) and was wary of the Peeples. 

Darla was scared, too, but mostly very PO’ed the first couple days. Reports are that she began writing a cat manifesto while planning an uprising.

But then Alfie relaxed and began socializing. After all, these Peeples were bringing them food and water and toys.

Darla was still miffed. Not so angry, but still feeling betrayed. And where is my blankie, dammit?

But Alfie took things in paw and gave Darla a good talking-to. She decided to come out and play for awhile and make the best of a bad situation. Reports were that she took a cue from Nancy Pelosi and even ripped up her Manifesto.

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  1. "Short cuts"...ah, I remember these from family travels as a kid. My dad is also famous for what we've learned to call "long cuts" which he determinedly refers to as "adventures" (which means we are lost and he will not admit it). The kitties are funny, but it looks like they had a comfy pad while you were gone - do I spy a cat tree? Whoa! Five star digs! I'm glad you made it home safely!

  2. I love the idea of the string stars with plain star centers, must remember that for later. Cats certainly let you know that they don't appreciate being put in prison while the owners are gallivanting away on holiday!

  3. Lovely projects in the works: I really like the hexie strings and those string stars--really neat...hugs, Julierose

  4. You've always got the best ideas for blocks, Cathy! Those string stars make my heart beat a little faster every time I see them, lol! Glad Alfie and Darla survived your vacation. :)

  5. Super cute Beachcomber blocks. They really caught my eye. Great way to use those tiny crumbs. Love your neutrals in the rainbow blocks. That will make a great charity quilt. :)

    It's cool that you got updates from the vet about your babies! I loved reading their thoughts. I'm sure they are getting extra lovin' now that you are all home.

  6. Wow, that was quick! And I love the string blocks. I assume Darla memorized the manifesto and will be happy to recite it to you at around 3 am.

  7. I really like the Beachcomber crumb blocks! I haven't been able to wrap my brain around crumb sewing, but that block has definite possibilities. LOVE those colorful string blocks - I might have to give those a try, too! Glad to hear Darla and Alfie came to terms with their vacation! My cat loves staying at the vet's office - the staff spoil her no end!

  8. Oo, I recognize all of Darla's faces. Angel goes on hunger strikes while kenneled, so we can't do that anymore. She's only 7 lbs and can't afford to lose an ounce! Your orange scraps are adding nicely to all your various, tempting projects. Welcome home!

  9. I'm loving your strings ... might be a fun project for 2021 RSC! Oh my, only February and I'm already planning next year's project! We board the dog when we go on vacation but have to get someone in to take care of the cat. She'd never survive! Lol!

  10. Poor furbabies! My dogs would not even LOOK at me if we boarded them for a MINUTE. I called a place once when we wanted to fly to CA. They required a Meet and Greet with other dogs. I shut that right down. My dogs don't like other dogs and but if they did, they would drive the other dogs nuts. I'm sure it won't take you long to get back in your routine now that you are home.
    xx, Carol

  11. Oh, I like those Low Volume Rainbow blocks. I might give those a try. I probably have enough centers cut to make several quilts and I sure have a lot of low volume strings I could use for frames. Love the string stars too. I've had one in the hand quilting pile for years, darn it. Welcome back!

  12. What, aren't you going to show us some of that lovely pottery? Yes, I would rather drive, so I can bring home goodies too. Last time we drove to NM from OR, sis in law kept going on how much easier it would be if we flew. Well if she drove she would definitely get lost, so better for her to fly! We have been over the road enough that we know the way.

  13. Hi Cathy! Aww, poor deserted kitties. No wonder Alfie was suspicious of the Peeples, and Darla was miffed. The least you two could have done - THE LEAST - is tell them that they were being imprisoned and the length thereof. While you were having fun, driving 95 miles out of the way on your shortcut they were wondering when you coming back. When?? So, as usual it's all on you. I can understand the angst over a long drive, and doesn't everyone have drama with family??! Glad you and Bruce are back home safely, and the kitties, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. No, I didn't identify one bit with the 95 mile 'short cut' - never happens in this household (and if you believe THAT, you are more gullible than I thought!!). We're constantly discussing the 'scenic route' we manage to discover.

  15. Love all your scrappy projects. Very cute feline friends.


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