Saturday, May 12, 2018

Playing with Pink

This week just flew by! It was a whirlwind of working in the garden, visiting nurseries and plant sales, attending my great niece Jenny’s law school graduation (shout out to you Jenny - we’re so proud of you!), a quilt show (I posted pictures - Part 1 and Part 2). Somewhere in there I managed to get a bit of stitching done.  

First up was stitching the remaining 8 bowtie blocks (4.5’) that I’ll need for my RainBows quilt. This is the only Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) project that’s carried over from 2017. 

This brings my total up to (if my count is correct) 264 finished out of 288 needed. They’ll be set 16x18 to create a 64x72” quilt. Still need to sew 8 multi-colored bowties, 6 red, 6 orange and 4 teal. And yes, I keep the info on a spreadsheet, not in my head, LOL. 

Then I got to stitch on my three pink Squared Away blocks. These are sampler blocks, courtesy of Mari of the Academic Quilter and Angela, our RSC hostess. And speaking of Angela, if you drop on over to her blog So Scrappy, you can see this week’s line up of sewn pink goodness!

I love these blocks! They are so varied and fun. My favorite is this block with the African fabric. I’ve collected authentic and reproduction African fabric - this is a reproduction - for years. In fact, another thing I did this week was cut out the makings for three zip pouches for me, my DIL Kim and DGD Lauren, who are all going to Kenya in July.

And here are 9 (of 10 so far) of my Squared Away blocks. I think they look great!

That was all for my official RSC projects, but I am stitching along with the RSC color of the month on this All You Need is Love quilt top for my daughter Megan. First, I added a plain  pink stop border to last month’s gold flying geese border. 

Then I pulled out my leftover Friendship Stars blocks (from Starry Starry Day) and figured out how many more of those I needed to stitch. I had two useable pink ones so only needed to stitch one pink one. More orange and blue and one other color will need to be stitched later. I don’t know what those other blocks are officially called, but I call them lollipops. I stitched three of those. The lollipops and stars will form the next border eventually.

And for Block Lotto I stitched 9 blue and green Rail Fence Variation blocks. These blocks contain fabric from every decade from the seventies forward!

And that’s it. Because it’s raining today, there won’t be any yard work in my plans. So, all I really need to do is go grocery shopping; our cupboards are as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s!!  Then I can stitch the day away. YAY!   and do laundry.... 


  1. You had a busy week, but found some time to stitch beautiful blocks. Those bow ties are yummi, so sweet. And your pink blocks for the BOM are great, They are looking fantastic together. Well done!! Happy mother's day!

  2. You certainly accomplished a whole lot despite being so busy!! I love that rail fence variation--hugs, Julierose

  3. Here I sit, reading about all your stitching, and feeling guilty because I haven't picked up a needle and thread for pretty much the entire week. Definitely starting to feel withdrawals!!

  4. I really LOVE your "All You Need is Love" quilt and how it's coming along! Great ideas for the borders. Your Squared Away blocks are lovely, too - I really enjoy seeing how each person's blocks have their own special look!

  5. All of your scrappy pink blocks look great - as usual! I love that you are using the medallion style for "All You Need Is Love". It's one of my favorite quilt styles and a great way to play with lots of different blocks and bits.

  6. Great projects on the go... including your PINK for the RSC!!! Convenient that your daughter's quilt fit the theme for the month. :o))

  7. I believe the "lollypop" block is actually ORNERY HUSBAND block. Great work!

  8. Such a nice variety of blocks, Cathy! Your daughter's quilt is looking great. I really like the idea of a panel as the center of a medallion quilt :)

  9. Oh so close on those bowties. Me too but mine are six inch.

    I didn't know there was such a thing as reproduction African fabric as well as original African fabric for sale anywhere. Guess I never thought about it. How interesting. Guess I know what you will be bringing back from your trip to Africa.


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