Saturday, May 5, 2018

In the Pink

It’s been a week of glorious weather here - and so much to do. I didn’t get too much sewing done other than to finish up the fusing of Groovy Guitars (see post HERE), and sew a few pink blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge’s May color. But there is lots more pink scrappy goodness over at Angela’s RSC linkup

So, let’s begin. I have so many pink scraps. Last year I didn’t sew enough of them up, and with adding to them all year I have quite a bit this year. Even my selvages were bulging. So, I was able to make 15 selvage blocks that will finish at 6” square. Plus I still had enough left over to make 3 - 4.5” blocks for some future use (not pictured).

See those really, really wide pink selvages? Those were given to me by Sally over at The Objects of Design. Her supervisor Molly must’ve directed her to cut them generously because I’m the hu-mom of her furry friend Darla. 

Then I worked on the Linked Squares Blocks. I always try to do these first (-ish) because they need larger pieces. Sometimes the larger pieces limit my choices, but overall I was pleased with how they turned out this month.

Even with a flash, my camera seems to take lousy pictures, but maybe they’re slightly better on an individual basis. Mental note: get a new phone/camera before leaving for Africa in July!!

I've touted Pattern Jam many times here on my blog. It’s a free platform for designing quilt patterns using basic blocks in the size of your choice and then calculating the yardage required. Last year they closed down, but were bought up and restarted earlier this year. It was fun to participate in design contests (and win fabric!). And I could use it to figure out patterns to use based on fabric lengths in my stash.

Anyway, with the transition, all my old patterns were lost (except the ones I’d already saved on my own computer), but I have been interested in a pattern of pinwheels and half-square triangles that I’ve seen on Pinterest and Sally’s blog - a pinwheel and HST combination. I wanted to find out a size combo that wouldn’t require measurements in the eighths-of-an-inch (note: fruitless). 

So, I played and came up with Pinwheel Parade, which happened to become the most popular (based on likes or saves or something) pattern of its week in April. Then it became the most popular pattern for the month in April. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing! But it’s sure fun and colorful to look at! Anyone can save, resize and remix this pattern as they wish.

The kicker is that even though the pinwheels and HSTs finish at 4”, the initial cutting is in odd sizes. HA! Never mind; I’ll be rounding up to the nearest whole number after all.

Today cousin Kim and I are going to a quilt show here in the Salt Lake Valley. I’ll do a separate post of pictures later on (hopefully!). Then tonight my son Ryan and his wife Kim and kids are coming over for dinner.  

Ryan, Lauren, Kim (Easton not pictured)
Kim (daughter-in-law Kim, not cousin Kim) and Lauren and I are the three that are going to Kenya together in July. It’s official. We’ve made our reservations and will be talking and sharing plans tonight!  


  1. WOW for the Scrap selvages.
    WOW for the interlace blocks, they are so pretty.
    WOW for the pattern, Pinwheel Parade is beautiful. I'll check Pattern Jam site, thanks for the tip.
    WOW for your next travel to Kenya.
    Just wonderful news and blocks!!

  2. Neat pink selvages --nice work in process...hugs, Julierose

  3. Get yourself an Easy Angle or Creative Grids Right Triangle, or Bonnie Hunter's Essential Triangle tool and you will never have to cut 1/8" again! Have fun in Kenya and take LOTS of pictures.

  4. I've been making this pinwheel blocks for a while for RSC, based on Chantal's RSC quilt from maybe four years ago. Chantal did use some weird size, but then Gayle did them using 3.5" HST for the big one and 2" HST for the little ones. Since I make my HST bigger and trim them down, I don't need to cut odd 7/8" pieces. They are fun.
    Exciting news about the Kenya trip.


  5. Thank you for the prolific pink. Maybe I'll get a chance to join in next week. And probably the reason I cut extra for the selvedges is that I have never worked with them so figured easier to cut away then add. Also, I was making the pinwheel blocks based on Chantal too but didn't know she had an odd size. I'm using the Easy Angle and use 3.5 and 2 inch strips like Gayle.

  6. beautiful...
    about the camera... If mine doesn't pick up the color, I can open it in the photo software on the computer, and say auto fix and it brightens, intensifies, or clarifies it to how it looks in person... mostly. Otherwise I correct myself depending on the issue.

    those woven blocks are so cool, selvedges... yikes if I start with those? That's the only part I let myself throw away!

  7. I'd be lost without my Easy Angle!
    And I'm with Leeanna - the selvages are the only bits I toss! Though I admit your bookshelf blocks using them were really tempting...

  8. Oh, I love your pattern! Do I need to join Pattern Jam to read it? Do you sell it on that site? Very cool :)

  9. I LOVE that pinwheel quilt. I just can't bring myself to stitch all those corners and seams that must match up. Your trip is not that far off. I have been saving selvages for book titles because I KNOW when I do make a quilt that has to match up, it will have books on a shelf in it.
    xx, Carol

  10. Cathy, that is so exciting that you're going to Africa! Wowee! Your pinwheel pattern is wonderful - I love those blocks. I'll have to check out Pattern Jam!

  11. So happy to hear that your trip is on again! Must admit to not being a fan of pink but what you've done is pretty sweet.


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