Friday, March 30, 2018

End of the Green

This is the last week for our green scraps at Rainbow Scrap Challenge. We will revisit green again later in the year - only then it will be the darker half of the green spectrum. For now, however, this is a recap of what I completed for March:

4 green Bird blocks (10.5”)
11 Quarter Log Cabin blocks (6.5”)
1 Geese Migration block (10.5”)
11 Selvage squares (6.5”)
2 Squared Away Sampler blocks (10.5”)
10 Crumb blocks (6.5”)
3 Linked Squares blocks (16.5”)

That’s a total of 42 blocks.

Additionally, I made and delivered 11 small kennel quilts to Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City. They were my OMG (One Monthly Goal) for Patty at Elm Street Quilts’ program.

But let me show you what’s NEW this week in the finish department, OK?  Originally I planned to finish up my Plus blocks (a 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge project) into one large quilt. However, Alfalfa (Alfie) and Darla had other ideas.

Here is PAWSitivity I :

Pawsitivity One measures 48x63”. It’s quilted with vertical wavy lines. The backing is just some baby blue flannel. And it will be donated to a Hands2Help charity through Sarah’s blog  Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Next up is Pawsitivity II :

Pawsitivity Two measures 58x64” and is quilted with basic stippling. This is such a happy quilt that I can’t bear to part with it! The backing is mostly a cute red floral, except where I had to fill in with the cute yellow floral border fabric. 

But remember that last week I had two other charity quilt finishes, plus a pink charity baby quilt I finished last October HERE, so I have 4 charity quilts to donate to Hands2Help so far. There may be more - I’m planning on it - as I am going to focus some of my time in April to finishing up a couple more. 

At the end of last month, I never gave a recap of my weight-loss efforts for February. And now that March is over, I’ll just combine it all as one. Basically, I’m right where I was at the beginning of February - literally, to the ounce. Down 35 pounds even. I’ve sort of been treading water. Hit a plateau, if you will. 

We went on vacation in February (too many margaritas) and I gained five pounds, but lost it within 10 days of being home. I’ve been walking several miles 3 times per week and biking the same 1-3 times per week as weather permits. I’ve lost inches and my clothes are looser.  Almost ready to go down another size. That’s a win in my book. And now with the weather warming up and great new spring produce appearing in the supermarket, I feel as though I’m ready for Round Two of this health regimen!


  1. First congratulations on the weight loss. I hope the plateau breaks and you begin to lose more again. It's frustrating when you are trying hard but nothing is coming off. Secondly -- Yippee for several finished charity quilts. I've got plans but no time right now to make the quilts. Hopefully I can get some made in the next month or so.

  2. Your productivity always amazes me. I like the way you offset the plus signs.

  3. Cathy, all your blocks are amazing but I love especially the little birds, so cute!
    The two plus signs quilts are beautiful. Well done!!!

  4. Your green blocks are super, so many too. But the bird blocks are just delightful. Two great finished Quilts, lovely colours in both. Keep up the good work on the weight front - you must feel great noting your clothes are feeling nice and loose and that a smaller dress size is around the corner. Well done!💐💐

  5. Love these Pawsitivities! They are both fun and happy, but I'm with the pets that the red and yellow one is FUNNER and HAPPIER :) Even though your numbers are the same, the loss of inches is great progress. Congrats on finding yourself healthier and stronger!

  6. First of all - congratulations on looking after your health and for maintaining your weight loss. Not easy, I know! And I love those wee birdies more each time I see them. I think your resident critics were quite right to suggest that you make donation quilts.

  7. All of your projects are fun to see, Cathy! I love how the plus quilts turned out! It sounds like a good plan to me to give one away and keep one - you are always so generous with your quilting. Happy Easter!

  8. You accomplished so many beautiful things!

  9. Those birds are so cute. I need to make one so I won't forget about them.
    You're much better off going slowly with the weight loss. You're more likely to keep it off that way. Spring is coming (I hope) which will make the exercise part easier and the fresh food more abundant.
    I'm impressed with your charity quilt output. I haven't even figured out what to work on yet, but I just got home from FL and the weather is keeping me inside, so I should be able to get at least one done.

  10. Your birds look like they are flying. They are going to look amazing as a quilt. And I'm glad you are no longer slacking off and only showing one completed quilt for the week.

  11. Love the blue & green birds! Congrats on all the finishes so far; I would have a hard time letting either of the Pawsitivity quilts go. Yay for the weight loss (healthy lifestyle changes sounds better to me!) - you're an inspiration!

  12. I too love the birds! Where did you find the pattern, again? One good note: muscle weighs more than fat, so you are doing just fine! Keep up the good work!


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