Wednesday, December 20, 2017

On Ringo Lake Part 4 Progress

Yesterday I had the chance to finish up my Part 4 triangles for the On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt Along being hosted by Bonnie Hunter. In my chosen color scheme, I’ve substituted grays for the browns she called for.

And these are all my component parts to date, all trimmed and stacked as neatly as possible in a plastic lidded box.

I’m linking up to the weekly progress post at Bonnie’s blog. You can see all the other participants’ fun colors and progress by visiting HERE.

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Now, I want to share a little personal story here, because my blog (which I have made into bi-yearly books) is a sort of artistic and personal journal for me.

In December 2001, my first husband (and father of my three children) and I decided to divorce. It was not a pleasant time, but that’s not what the story is about. He moved out of our large home in January 2002 and the divorce was final in March 2002. It was the time of the Salt Lake Olympics, which were local to us, and I remember watching them alone.

Bruce Kizerian and I met in May of 2002 and began dating. I lived in the big house of my former marriage until we finally sold it in December of 2002. Bruce and I rented our current home in January of 2003, officially purchased it and got married in July of 2003 and have lived here happily ever after.

This story is about my first (and only) single Christmas, in 2002, while Bruce and I were dating (and had already decided to get married).  Bruce and his best friend Mike (wife Terri) and friend Rob (wife Diane) was in a local folk trio called the Muddy Gutter Boys; I’ve mentioned them before. When they played December gigs, their program was always Christmas songs. One of their songs was a cover of the country group Alabama’s song "Christmas in Your Arms".

The first time I heard them sing it, we were performing at a party located in a brick church nestled in the foothills, and it was cold and snowy outside. I watched and listened to the song, and began tearing up when they got to the following lyrics:

It was only last December 
I had no Christmas spirit in my heart

My world lay cold and shattered 

In the ashes of a dream that fell apart

But now you're here beside me  

No greater gift is wrapped beneath my tree

And the arms you wrap around me 

And the precious gift of love you give to me

My dear friend Terri saw my tears, and I explained the personal nature of the lyrics. Now she says the song always makes her think of that night. And I always tear up at the song, no matter who sings it. Bruce and I consider it our Christmas song.  

You can listen to it on Youtube, HERE

The Muddy Gutter Boys, after 53 years,  have stopped performing this year due to member health issues. 

Cathy maroon


  1. Awww. Made me tear up, too! I had already met my current DH the first Christmas as a single mom; not sure I could have made it through without him. Took us 3 years to tie the knot as becoming an instant dad was not on his life's agenda. He's been a wonderful dad and is well respected by my sons.

  2. What a great story Cathy - I can see why the lyrics of that song would be special to you. I feel that way about Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything' - makes me tear up every time I hear it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, and the song that is so special to you and Bruce! So glad to know you made it through the tough time and found him. Your tub of On Ringo Lake blocks is so pretty - looks like they're going to make a beautiful quilt! Hugs!

  4. This is a good Christmas story. You two were pretty lucky to meet each other at just the right time. Life it really good.
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  5. Oh, Cathy, that brought tears to my eyes! I'm so glad you found the love of your life and your holidays are full of love and music :)

  6. The gray fabric is so much better than the brown. Nice choice.

  7. Great story - thanks for sharing a little of your world! Hope you make lots of happy Christmas memories this year!

  8. Love your story!! Happy endings make me happy! Your color choices for On Ringo Lake are great. I am still fiddling with colors. I will get too it, really I will.
    Merry Christmas too you and your family!!


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