Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On Ringo Lake Part 2, plus Belated November Recap

I’m still playing along with Bonnie Hunter’s “On Ringo Lake” Myster Quilt-Along. The instructions for Part 2 are on her site, but suffice it to say that there are thousands of us all over the world are stitching up a plethora of flying geese units! This time around there are so many that the cutting and sewing was quite challenging. But they’re done and pressed, but not all trimmed yet. In the meantime, I am linking up to Bonnie’s Part 2 show and share post HERE.

And today I’ll finish quilting the loopy lines on the Tulip Quilt so I can drop it off to my friend Terri for binding (then washing and wrapping) for our friend Diane’s Christmas present. We will make sure to get a picture of the finished quilt first!  :-)

I forgot to tally up my quilting and weight loss progress for November and post it last Saturday, which was the last Saturday in November. So now is as good a time as any. The color of the month for our Rainbow Scrap Challenge in November was dark neutrals - black, brown, dark grays. Although I didn’t use up all of my scraps, I did sew 12 brown bow ties, 26 black bow ties, 4 brown strings blocks.

And my weight loss continues, slow and steady, just the way I want it. I lost 4.8 pounds in November. But I lost too many of those pounds in the last week when I was sick (over 3) and did gain one back when I started eating again. No surprise there. I’m still down a total of about 29 pounds since June. And I’m loving the new Weight Watchers Freestyle program that they introduced here in the US this week (earlier in the fall in the UK). We don’t have to track the no-point foods (fruits, veggies, eggs, fish, chicken and turkey breast, and most beans, etc.  We still track foods not on those lists (fats, dairy, breads, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc), but it’s simpler. It’s all about the nutrition, which is why it works so well!  :-)  But if I’m being honest, I am craving some Kahlua and eggnog. Maybe ONE SMALL glass this season?

Cathy maroon


  1. I love your coral geese. I haven't made all the units yet, but I probably should hurry up given how fast time is flying. Like geese!

  2. Such pretty corals in your geese! It is fun to think of stitchers around the world all working on the same thing. Congrats on your weight loss. WW is the way to go.

  3. I'm past the halfway point with my geese, but not done yet. Ready for the next clue, however!
    Congrats on getting yours done!

  4. Congrats on having all the glying geese finished, I'm not even close there. You did so well with using up some of the darker scraps last week. Very pretty blocks. Congrats on all the weight loss progress. That's not any easy endeavor. I've lost 50 lbs over the last year, but have stalled on the weight loss front the last few months. Keep with it, it does pay off hugely!

  5. Never had Kahlua and eggnog - obviously I'm lacking in my education on that one. I'm a bigger fan of Irish Cream which is so good in coffee (or over ice cream!). Congratulations on doing so well with your weight loss goals.


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