Saturday, December 2, 2017

Moving Things Along....

Nothing much got accomplished in the sewing department this week because I was hit with The Cold From Hell, complete with laryngitis. We had to reschedule our annual Fiesta with the family to next weekend. But I got a lot of good reading time, plenty of rest, and Bruce fixed dinner for three nights. And now that I’m feeling better today, it appears I’m no worse for the wear. In fact, if I weigh the plusses and minuses, I think it was a pretty good week! And I do have some things to share.

The Friendship Stars flimsy has begun.....  The yellow stars and most of the pink ones are sewn together. This is slow going because I didn’t trim them as I made them, knowing they would sit around for the better part of the year before assembly. So as I work on each group to attach, I must press, starch (with Best Press) and trim them. There are a lot of seams and it’s sometimes frustrating to figure out which way to press in order to nest them or otherwise reduce bulk. But it’s working so far.

But it will be a long process to finish this up!  In the meantime, why not join us over at Angela’s Scrappy Saturday link-up to see what everyone else is working on?

And I finished up Step 1 of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, On Ringo Lake, and am now busy cutting out flying geese for Step 2.  I may or may not have a mid-week progress report on that. For now, there is nothing to show except a new rotary blade, LOL....

I did manage to work on a few things early in the week.  First, I made my brother a quilted Christmas stocking (ancient green and red fabric picked by him) to join the rest of the family stockings (assuming I can find them before Santa comes calling).....  The little stockings, which have since had rick rack hanging loops added, are ornaments which will hold gift cards. They have been filled and mailed to their recipients.

Did I mention that I am done with Christmas shopping already? We ordered the last of the toys from Amazon before Thanksgiving, and they have arrived. They'll be wrapped this week and put under the tree. Everything else was gift cards except the Fitbits I bought for daughter Megan and myself. We have 2 December birthdays (daughters Megan and Stacy),  but one wants a quilt and the other cash, so that’s easy.

I had ordered this gray reindeer fabric from Spoonflower last year, and made it into a cushion this week. I’m not crazy about the white-with-silver-swirls fabric I had to use at the ends, but needs must when you don’t have quite enough of the main fabric. It is now on a couch in the living room and looks cute enough.

And finally, I did this test block for a Rainbow Scrap 2018 project. Yep, I like it! I saw a quilt (no pattern or other information) online, so I worked out this block using a 2” grid. It will finish at 16”, so I guess I’ll be making 20 of them for a 64x80” quilt next year.

That about finishes it up for me this time. I plan to make a grocery store run today, then spend the afternoon sewing and listening to Christmas music. It’s heavenly to feel good again and have some energy!! Thanks for dropping by!

Cathy maroon


  1. Sorry you had a miserable few days. That stuff is going around. I really like your 2018 RSC block. Does it have a name?

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! That many project during a "sick week"?? Done or not, they all look FABULOUS!!! When I grow up, I want to have as much energy as you do.

  3. Cathy, there are always so many fun things to look at in your posts! The Friendship Star quilt is going to be amazing. It looks like you had to do some math to figure out how many blocks of each color you would need. :) Love the Christmas projects, too, and your new block for 2018 is really neat! Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Glad to hear you shook off that cold; we have had a stomach buggy around here--ugh!!
    Anyway, love love love your stars--so cheery and pretty...great colors...
    I am not doing BH's Mystery--I just KNEW she'd have triangle-ey stuff in it. So, "...but not for me.." she sang lol)strips and squares and straight lines for me....;)))
    Hugs julierose

  5. The only good thing about a cold is you know it will end. So glad you're better. The flimsy looks ver nice, you must have had the setting in mind in order to make the rings come out.. I don't seem to plan ahead that much. My gm came out to either 16 or 20 , having to make two more. Again I took the easy way out. That nameless pattern looks very simple, all strips, plus the dark/light thing. I may end up doing it also.. I could never compete with you, ut I could do two a month plus a few other things. I've discarded one idea already, I don't have enough neutrals. Have a great week.

  6. PS I've added it to my 2018 list and call it the Four Square block.

  7. You have gotten a lot accomplished this week, especially since you weren't feeling well. Your Friendship Stars quilt is going to be beautiful! At first I thought it was the last Bonnie Hunter leader/ender quilt.

  8. That Friendship Star quilt is going to be stunning. I also love where you are heading for 2018.

  9. You are a busy little bee this week! Even with a cold from hell. I can't do anything! I got that same cold from hell and it has me knocked down. I'm letting the kids do everything. (Not that they weren't doing a lot of everything already!)
    Your Friendship Stars are looking great!

  10. I love that reindeer pillow and the swirl fabric is actually perfect.. It allows the reindeer fabric to be the main focus of attention.

  11. Oh, I really like that new block!

  12. I don't think I've had a cold for several years since I started taking zinc to boost my immune system and help calcium uptake. (Now watch me get a cold). Anyway, take care of yourself and don't overdo it in the sewing room (or do you have a studio?)

    Ribbon Stars are awesome. Stockings are cute. New block looks very scrap friendly. And good luck on the geese!

  13. Glad you're back in action. And I'm loving your new block. It reminds me of a bento that got a bit shaken or stirred or maybe had a few cats pass through.

  14. So sorry you succumbed to the grunge - not fun at all. I spent this afternoon sewing with a couple of friends and,oddly enough, she was cutting her fabrics for part two of the same mystery quilt. Will be fun to watch the progress you both make!


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