Saturday, December 30, 2017

End of the Year Recap

Oh my, it’s been ten days since I’ve written anything. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, regardless of what you did or did not celebrate. I hope it was warm with the love of family and friends, that the spirit of giving and sharing was present, and that everyone enjoyed good times and good health. It was all that here, and I am so filled with love and contentment as I write this 2017 recap post.

I’m going to divide this post into two sections; quilting and personal. Feel free to skip one or the other as your interest dictates!


It was a great year in which I finished 19 quilts. You can see them in my Quilt Gallery tab at the top of the blog, under the header.

I also made 4 whole cloth baby quilts (for donation) and 84 kennel quilts/beds for Best Friends that are in addition to the regular quilts. I plan to continue making donation baby quilts and some kennel quilts in 2018. The latter will be primarily to use up specially-dedicated (animal-themed) fabric stash.

This first collage shows the five quilts that were 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) quilts that were finished during the first quarter of 2017.

Top Left: Rainbow Rails, made of vintage sheets
Top Center: Cool Improv, made of tiny bits of blue, green, teal and purple fabrics
Top Right: Warm Improv, made of tiny pink, red, orange, yellow fabrics 
Bottom Left: Rainbow Dresdens, with doily and yo-yo centers
Bottom Right: Rainbow 16-Patch (I’m so original with quilt names, eh?)

Next are the 4 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts I started and finished in 2017.  

Top Left: Scrap X+plosion, a quilt made of “kitchen sink” fabrics 
Top Right: Color Me Quilt (pattern by Emily Herrick). I added one extra crayon.
Bottom Left: Reading Rainbow
Bottom Right: Rainbow Selvages (more creative naming) (*insert dripping sarcasm*) 

I have five other RSC2017 quilts which are in process at the end of this year. They'll be finished in 2018:  Starry, Starry Day, the Plus Quilt, Bow Ties, Rainbow String Quilt (started 2016), and Geese Migration.  I’m planning of participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again in 2018. What a great and supportive group of quilters! Come visit the RSC linky party at So Scrappy to see some other rainbow finishes

And finally, I’ve picked the following three quilts as my overall favorites for 2017 (one is a repeat picture). All of them were such enjoyable makes. Each step of the process was fun, although I had different reasons for enjoying the making of each quilt. 
Reading Rainbow. What a fun journey this quilt was for me! From the piecing of “books", to the hunt for great selvage “book titles”, to the silly additions that were added to the “shelves” as the mood struck, I couldn’t wait to see “how it ended”!  I would do another bookshelf quilt in a heartbeat. Well, maybe in another two or three years.....  It will be a gift for my friend Nancy Burkey (see post HERE from last year). Her home burned down in the Santa Rosa fires this fall. When I finished it, its purpose seemed so clear to me. You may recall that Nancy had her first book published last year. She was lucky in that the manuscript for her second novel wasn’t harmed in the fires. But I figured she could use the quilt for warmth of the figurative and literal kind. I’ve love the notion that a quilt is like a hug, and this quilt is my hug to Nancy. 

The Tulip Quilt. This was a joint effort with my friend Terri, for another friend Diane (are you still with me?)  It was fun to find out what colors Diane liked and then find fabrics to fit our ideas. We settled on this tulip pattern, the quilt color way, and both pieced half the tulips. I sewed together the quilt top and quilted it. Terri did the binding. Each step was a collaboration over the course of six-plus months. And I’m thrilled that in the process, Terri and I have become closer friends. 

The Pineapple Quilt (another original name, brought to you by me)
For the pure joy of each step of the quilting process, this quilt takes the cake fruit! It was another fun ride during the long, languid days of summer. When it was finished, it was such a soft and dreamy quilt! I’m happy to say that it captured my granddaughter Lauren’s heart, and she wanted it. And so it’s now serving her well. 


Life had it’s ups and downs this year! There were twice as many of the ups as there were downs, and the year is ending on a high note.

In February, we learned that DH Bruce once again had cancerous growths in his arm. After almost 8 weeks of tests, surgeries and recoveries, Bruce is cancer-free with all arm function intact. That was confirmed in his 6-month post-op checkup this fall. Down, then way up. 

Trump was elected President and took office in January. What a downer! But the spunk and sheer number of of supporters of the Women’s March immediately followed. Exhilarating! A real UP! I’ve never been overly fond of politics, but this Presidency has been a personal source of depression for me all year. 

My brother Steve came to stay with us in July. He is transitioning from a working citizen to a retired one. I helped him with all his retirement paperwork, healthcare, etc. He isn’t good with that stuff. Now Steve has begun making plans about where he wants to live and travel, etc. Definitely ups and downs here. But we figure he’ll be out and on his own by next April.  

I began a personal weight loss and good health journey mid-year. I’ve lost about 30 pounds (final weigh-in for year still to come), and got a Fitbit for Christmas. I’m walking more, and enjoying it. This will journey continue into 2018. I’ve got some more weight to lose, and becoming more fit is always a win.

We had a great Christmas season! My daughter Megan lives in Seattle and visited us (and her two brothers, who are also local) for a week. She was masterful at splitting her time between her dad’s family, us, her siblings and friends. I asked my kids if they’d humor me with a group picture. To my surprise, they were all enthusiastic, not grumbly. 

My three: Megan, Shane, Ryan
Shane with granddaughter London (AKA Rudolph)

Bruce’s daughter Stacy with our granddaughter Oakley
There were lots more fun pictures of the family, but I won’t bore you with them here. Although family gets a smaller share of blog space, they have the lion’s share of my heart.


In my first 2018 post(s), I’ll be sharing my quilting goals for 2018, my planned Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects, My “On Ringo Lake” progress, and whatever else is under the needle. In the meantime, friends, have a Happy New Year from all of us (Cathy, Bruce, Alfalfa and Darla)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yep....I knew enough to sit down before I read this post! A recap of all you accomplished in 2017 is astounding - I still wonder if you ever sleep. Lovely to see pictures of your beautiful family but the best is to know that Bruce is doing well. Roll on 2018 - let's see what it will bring!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So glad you had such a lovely Christmas with all your kids there! That is the best! Your quilty projects are so much fun to look at - they warm my rainbow heart! I know your next finishes will be just as beautiful. Happy New Year, Cathy!

sunny said...

Great post! I've been working on my summary, but haven't gotten very far. Great goals. I need to decide on a block for RSC18, but I want something super simple to fit in with all my other projects. Happy New Year!

Linda said...

I loved reading your post, a really good summary of all parts of your life: quilting, home, family. Good news for Bruce, best wishes to you both for a healthy 2018. I always enjoy seeing your Rainbow Quilts, very inspiring and all so different. It was great to gaze on them all again in this post. My goodness you are a prolific quilter - you obviously have more hours in the day in your part of the world! Just 24 here in the UK!

PaulaB quilts said...

What a memorable year you had. Bruce's healed arm had to be the highlight. Your Reading Rainbow quilt was so much fun for all of us to enjoy. Wishing a Happy New Year to you and your family.

The Joyful Quilter said...

NINE Rainbow Scrap Challenge finishes in ONE year?!?! PLUS all of the family stuff!! You, my friend, are Wonder Woman.

Louise said...

I'm so glad to hear that the year is ending "up" for you! Your quilt finishes are always a pleasure to see, and fun to see all together in this summary post. Your quilts are bright, fun and happy. I'm with you 100% on the politics, and finally had to just decide to throw myself fully into making charity quilts as a way to at least make a difference in my little corner of the world.

Here's to a better new year!

scraphappy said...

Lots of great finishes helps with the ups. I think I agree with you that the rainbow reading is a favorite. So glad that it is going to such a worthy cause. Best of luck with more finishes in the new year.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love that you include your quilterly self and your personal self in your blog. It's always a good visit here to see what you are up to and accomplishing. Your favorite quilt is also my favorite that you have created. I love that you created a greater bond with your friend Terri. I am especially glad that Bruce is good. Live is great, isn't it!
Much love

Alice said...

Your finishes are amazing. I hadn't realized how many that you had finished. They are all beautiful. Must be hard picking favorites!! And your life seems to be on a true upswing. Glad for the good news for Bruce!! Congrats on the weight loss. I have not done as well as you, but I have given up. Here's to a great 2018!!

Angie said...

Wow! So much fun to see all your colorful quilts one more time! Just seeing all your bright, cheerful colors today was a mood-lifter! Cheers for 2018 - hope it is a smooth and fun year for you!