Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Quarter 4 Finish-Along Goals

It’s time to list our goals (proposed finishes) for the 4th quarter of the Finish-Along. This is a great international group who encourages us to take a look at our works in process (WIPs) and focus on finishing them, quarter by quarter. So many great sponsors offer prizes to the lucky quarterly winners.

The 3rd Quarter finish link-up was early this year, and I missed it. I’m a bit upset (anyone else?) that the deadline for LINKING was September 30. I was madly sewing on the 30th, hoping to finish one more project. Usually we have a few days into the next quarter to get pictures taken and posts written in order to link up. May I register a (polite) complaint to The Powers That Be to go back to that system? I don’t believe it’s an unreasonable request!  Last quarter I listed 15 projects. I finished two, abandoned one and returned the fabric to stash, and had just finished but not blogged the fourth. Now it will go into my 4th quarter goals.

So, for my 4th Quarter Goals, I’ve listed 10 items in no particular order. However, as some are hopeful Christmas gifts, they will have higher priority in the studio.  :-)

1.  Tulip Quilt for Diane
FINISHED!  Blogged about HERE.

My friend Terri and I have made all the tulips. Now I get to play with them on the design wall and sash, baste and quilt. Terri will do the binding. This will be a Christmas gift.

2.  Guitar Quilt for DH, Bruce. This is an appliqué project that I will resurrect in November for a hopeful December finish. Or maybe it will carry over into next quarter, depending on how it behaves. If the past is precedent, this may be worked in fits and starts with most of its time being spent in Time Out.

3.  Reading Rainbow. 
Finished and Blogged about HERE

I have the red/pink row done and there’s only one 12” block to finish on the dark (purple/black) row on this. It will be a flimsy before mid-month. 

4.  Rainbow Selveges.
Finished and Blogged about HERE.

Needs a more original name, a couple pink columns and a black column. This is one of the lower priorities for this quarter, although I do expect it to reach flimsy status in November.

5.  Autumn Farmgirl quilt.  I have been sewing up autumn-themed 12” blocks and as this post goes live, there are 15 of 20 blocks done. I would like to finish this one this fall, but we’ll see how it goes.

6. Victorian Ladies Wall Hanging.

This is a crazy-quilted project that was the result of a 6-woman round robin started in 2011 or 2012.  All six 6” blocks are complete. Although only 2 are shown in this picture, they are sewn together without sashing. I will back, bind and create a hanging sleeve for it so it can hang in our bedroom. Each block has a picture of a Victorian woman in various pursuits; reading, playing piano, sewing, holding a child, walking, picking flowers. And each block includes some of my vintage lace. It’s one of my older UFO’s.

Work of (L) Rengin Yazitas and (R) Cathy Kizerian

7.  All You Need is Love

Actually, all I need is TIME. This is the 3rd quarter, I believe, that this quilt project for my daughter has been on my list. But she’ll be here at Christmastime, so somebody better get her rear in gear.

8.  Plus Quilt.
Another Rainbow Scrap project, and another lower priority for this quarter.  But it may reach flimsy status by the end of the year.

9.  Repurposing Vintage Family Patriotic Quilt into 3 Wall Hangings
FINISHED!  Blogged about HERE.

This is done except for the labels I was going to print out. Instead, I have decided to hand sew a pocket to the back of each into which I can print and place the story and history of the quilt they were from. A label just wouldn’t be large enough. 

10.  Let it Snow.

I want to hang this one at Christmas!  It only needs the house sewn together, then the blocks sashed and assembled, etc. Close enough to finish this year. It may be number 10, but it is a higher priority than that.

Having my brother living with us has sure taken a bit out of my studio time.  So much retirement paperwork, insurances, health issues, etc etc. We want to have a yard sale before the permanent cold weather sets in, but I can’t get him to go through all his boxes of crap (that he brought to sort and sell). He has our mom’s ashes stowed in them somewhere, and we wanted to take a trip to her favorite picnic place in the the mountains to scatter her ashes. May not happen until next year. It’s like having a teenager living here again!


  1. Wow. You almost convinced me I should account for my projects and then my brain started to implode. Luckily, Molly needed a brisk interactive game with blue fur ball and then a cuddle. Molly assured me that she's my sole project and all the rest is window dressing.

  2. LOVE the reading rainbow quilt. Brilliant idea.

  3. You really need to post a disclaimer at the beginning of these posts just to warn people that they need to be sitting down and prepared to be overwhelmed....just sayin'. My favourite is still the book quilt - love that one! (and, btw, you shouldn't be taking time to read this....get sewing!!)

  4. Lovely projects in motion ;))) i still like that book shelf quilt the best..being both an avid reader and a quilter it really rings my chimes ;)))...hugs, Julierose

  5. I started to respond to this post and realized I was writing MY next blog post, lol. You always have so much going on, but still find time to stitch. I especially love the book case quilt.
    xx, Carol

  6. Good luck!

    I was surprised to see CQ on the list. Nice! I need to go through my box of hundreds of blocks and review what's in there.

    Can't wait to see how you finish off that bookcase quilt.

  7. You've got some wonderful projects on your list for fourth quarter. I really love your Victoria Lady blocks, those are gorgeous. Happy stitching this quarter.


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