Friday, October 13, 2017

PINK ! It's the new, um,

I have no idea why, but this month I'm enjoying the hell out of this month’s Rainbow Scrap color of pink. Yeah, enough to say hell instead of heck! Just picture this fluffy person in her new swivel chair at her sewing machine sewing and rocking away to the beat while my poor cat Darla rolls her eyes and tries to sleep nearby.  And she does roll her eyes!  Anyway, you can see all sorts of pink scrappy sewing and fun over at Angela’s Scrappy Saturday blog post. No eye rolling required!

First up this week was the Geese Migration blocks from the pattern by Cynthia Brunz. I did three of them, one more than I have done every other month so far, bringing my total to 17 of 25 needed. Next year I will add one more of each color when I presumably have more scraps and variety.

Then I worked on plus blocks. Not pictured are four orange plus blocks that I added to last month’s total (so there are now 8 orange pluses instead of just 4). And here are the 21 pink ones that I did. This gives me a total of 114 blocks, which is about 10 more than I need. So I can weed out the ones I don’t like as well and put them on the back or in a kennel quilt. I hope to start assembling the plus quilt before the end of the year.

Next are those sweet, easy, fun Bow Tie blocks. I made 25 of them, and they’ll finish at 4”. At this stage I have 202 of the 304 needed, so about 2/3 done. I am enjoying these blocks way too much.

Oh, and I have to point out two super cute blocks in this group. The first is the middle block in the bottom row of the bow ties above. Notice the pink penguin fabric? That is from my friend Diann, who also made a bow tie block with it. (In my last post, I showed the cute zippy pouch, pin cushion and fabric she sent me).

The second block was a rather serendipitous occurrence as I was chain piecing all these blocks.

Fabric Goddess! HA! How cute is that?

So then I had almost a whole jelly roll left of a pink (and some orange) fabric line called Palm Court.  I began sewing strips together adding a few other bits here and there, not quite sure what I wanted to do.....

It turns out I’m not that adventurous, because I didn’t stray very far from my original idea. But I do loooooove the white with black polka dot sashing!!  The picture below looks rather wonky because half is pinned and the bottom part just hangs.

Bruce came up with the suggestion of expanding my design board to the floor, which might happen some day. But then the cats would just go after the pins anyway (or worse - start climbing it! Sorry, Molly!) So just use your imagination to envision a straight quilt. Besides, I can assure you that the top and bottom widths are less than 1/4” difference (which is as good as it gets in my book).

In the coming week, I will baste both this pink quilt (a future donation quilt) and the Reading Rainbow quilt. And then start quilting Reading Rainbow. I also hope to finish all my pink Friendship Star blocks. There is more pink on the horizon beyond that (vintage sheets, bitty scraps and kennel quilts), but I need to think about those and possible new Rainbow Scrap blocks for awhile.

  Cathy maroon


  1. You ARE having fun with pink! I noticed the pink penguin bow tie right away! And I like the fox one, too. I think the bow tie blocks are really good for cute prints like that!

  2. I can't help this... Your blocks are all 'Pretty in Pink'.
    I keep hoping I will get back in shape with the sewing part of my life, and then things happen that require my attention elsewhere. This week it was capturing a little family of three feral kittens and their cute little momma. My daughter's dog found one and when she went to see what the dog had, found the siblings in a tree. We set a trap and ten minutes later we had momma in the house with them warming up. (It's too cold for these guys out there this time of the year!) We called an organization that will spay/neuter them and then bring them back to us. The little family can live here in my barn and not create more kittens! Then the next day a friend of ours had a crisis with one of her dogs. She is a tiny little person and the dog with the crisis is an English Bulldog. She couldn't handle the physical part or the emotional part, so we went and got the dog and took her to my vet. The dog is now residing with us for the time being. Our friend has to rehome her or figure out a way to keep the dog safe at her house. It doesn't sound like a lot of hours could be spent doing this stuff, but everything is so far apart here, that we have spent hours on the road getting critters to and from where they need to be. And Oh Yeah!!! We sold three of my wild goats! I wish I had a video of us trying to catch them! Hilarious stuff!
    Okay...again, I have gone on and on.
    I love your pinks! I can't wait until I can catch up. Winter is coming quickly, I know I will be doing a lot of sewing then!

  3. What a wonderful combination of pink. As always, you get the prolific prize. However, Molly would like to know whether Darla is posing or if you have her glued her to the quilt with basting adhesive.

  4. Super sweet stuff! Bow ties are definitely on my agenda for next year's RSC.

  5. Oh, so many lovely patches. I love the bow ties; maybe I should go down that road too next year!

  6. Do you ever leave a single Scrap unused at the end of the month? Another week of piles of pink blocks.

  7. Just lovely pinks a'blooming for you this month...those bow ties are lovely hugs, Julierose

  8. You have been busy with pinks! I do love your Geese migration blocks! Your plus blocks and bow tie blocks are looking great!

  9. Yes, you're right...that's a hell of a lot of pink.
    Bow ties are a fav in any size or color, Fabric Goddess.

  10. I also love your bow ties, especially the lively neutrals. Tone on tone neutrals look so boring to me now. Looking forward to seeing Reading Rainbow quilted.

  11. I need to know your sewing playlist!!! Your jams have got you cranking out some serious pink creations!!
    Witt rolls his eyes at me too. Especially when I want to work on what he is sprawled on!!

  12. LOVE all your pink projects! Delightful post. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Pink is such a happy-inducing color! After reading your post (and drooling over all the pink blocks) I'll have a smile on my face all day!

  14. Wow! You always seem to accomplish a lot, but pink really inspired you to new heights! (I may need to lie down for a while...)

  15. Okay, now I'm tired. ;-) Love the way 'Fabric Goddess' turned up in your block. What a great bunch of blocks you've created!

  16. There must be something about Magpies - I see Magpie Sue feels tired too after reading your I had to puzzle about your saying that bow ties are 'simple'...finally dissected the block and can see that it might be. It looks a whole lot more complicated than it really is. Probably wise not to extent your design board to the floor - the cats could think it was a new scratching post created just for them.


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