Thursday, September 15, 2011

This and That and That, too.

The title says it all; basically this is going to be a hodgepodge catch-up post because I have so many things to tell you and show you that I am sort of just randomly going to my “blog” file (where my blog pictures are) and uploading at random.  :-)  I think my dear hubby’s ADHD is rubbing off on me.  Is it contagious?

Anyway, here we go.   First, I just wanted to show you one of the purses that I am going to put together later this winter. I didn’t have time to finish it before the boutique, but I wanted to show you.  The wool needlepoint piece I got for $1 when Bruce and I had a booth at the flea market in August.  There was an antique dealer next to us, and she had this in her $1 basket.  It had a lot of faded spots, but the center was nearly perfect.  

yes, the picture is upside down. That tells you how my day has been going...

So I threw together some fabrics and laces and trims and I am stoked!!  I have no idea where I got that lace piece, or how much of the lace I will keep around it, but I do know that the flowers and lace will be a focal point.  Duh

Next up, I wanted to show you a couple pictures of The Muddy Gutter Boys.  Bruce (left) is in a musical trio with his two best friends.  They have been together since their teens (1964), almost a half century.  They play folk music - a lot of Kingston Trio and that sort of thing.  They are really good. And funny.

Sometimes Bruce plays guitar, sometimes banjo.  Rob, in the middle, always sits on plays his bass.  And he tells jokes while Bruce and Mike (on the right) are tuning.  Mike also plays the banjo and guitar.

They have played in such far away and exotic places as Orem, Woods Cross, and Unincorporated.  :-)  Seriously, though, they play at family gatherings, church functions, company parties, retirement facilities, etc. Basically, anybody who’ll pay their (small) fee and give them (and us wives who accompany them) a free meal.  We always have fun.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My friend Diane Matheson will arrive tomorrow (or maybe today, Friday, as you’re reading this).  We will have a few fun days of stitching and relaxing, taking London to the Farm, visiting the Humanitarian Center with my friend Bev, and I guess I will start packing, too.  Yikes.  Then we will leave next Wednesday to the 4th annual Crazy Quilting International Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado.

So, let me show you a few pictures of what our retreats have been like in the last three years.

2008:  The picture below was taken in the Denver Art Museum after we had a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the beautiful crazy quilts in their collection.

L-R: Connie K, Leslie E, MaryFrancis M, Debbie Q, Gerry K, Gerry H, me (holding Laurie B back so she won’t run away) and Janet P.

In 2009, we rented a cabin in Breckenridge, Colorado with (among other things) a hot tub.  There are legendary stories about THAT year, but don’t believe everything you hear.  hehehe.   This was the year that we were able to answer a question for the ages, one that has confounded quilters for centuries years well, maybe a few months:  What happens when CRAZY quilters get drunk?

Answer:  They make a SANE quilt!!
That was a fun year (well, they ALL were) and our numbers grew, as you can see.  In 2010 (last year) our sweet friend Hideko Ishida visited from Japan.  Our retreat was held in Estes Park, Colorado in a huge rented cabin.  Below are a couple pictures from last year.

Eating out one night

Kerry (far left) and Hideko (far right) join the others in the Stash Dash

This year, 2011, we are once again in Estes Park in an even LARGER cabin.  Our numbers continue to grow.  This year our teachers are Martha Green and Gerry Krueger.   We will have visitors from Canada and the United Kingdom.  And Texas.  Not that Texas is a foreign country (although some would argue, LOL), but at least one member who is coming lost her home and everything in the fires that have recently ravaged the state (family and furkids all safe).

So, I have a lot of packing to do (stitching stuff and dyed lace and other inventory since we will have a vendor day).  I am bringing along my seascape valance, pictured below, which you may remember from last year.   It has been upgraded from UFO to Major Focus Project this fall.

Better late than never.

Cathy maroon


  1. I hope you have an awesome time Cathy! Have a safe and great trip! See you when you get back!

  2. Great post. Looks like you have a lot of fun WHEREVER you go!!

  3. Oh, it sounds like such fun... I'm hoping to go next year if all works out. It's a 2-day drive but definitely worth it!

  4. Cathy hermosa celebración , me gustaría incorporaras el traductor para leer con más facilidad.Besos.Olga.

  5. What a wonderful time you all will have. Not everything that happens in Colorado, should stay in Colorado. We will be wanting lots of photos and details!

  6. Looking forward to posts about all the craziness of the CQ retreat, and all the gorgeous items created. Have a wonderful time. And, gee, the band looks good.


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