Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Are Having Great Fun!!

Diane arrived safely on Friday night and we all got settled and had a good night’s sleep.  Then on Saturday morning we visited two great estate sales up in the hills of Salt Lake.  Both were in very nice neighborhoods.  On the first one, we ladies hit the jackpot, and on the second one dear Bruce found some treasures.  I will save pictures of the booty for another post.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon we stitched and sorted stash.  Diane wanted to go out and get some grapes from our arbor to munch on, and we ended up harvesting all the green grapes AND the concords.

We had so much (and there are more than half left on the vines) that we went around and shared with neighbors - five other families.  And THEN we decided to juice the concords, and ended up with several quarts of grape juice (which we may bring to the Retreat).

Today, Sunday, we visited JoAnn’s fabric store (BRUCE wanted to go, so we tagged along).  True story - he needed foam paint brushes, a new glue gun and glue sticks.   Diane bought some beads and I got a quarter yard of some lovely embossed velvet.

When we got home in the afternoon, we had a visit from a green thing.

OOOOOOPS………..  wrong picture.  Here is the green thing that visited:

The Fabric Fairy!!!!!!!

She just dropped by for a moment to make sure we had all the stash in order for the CQI Stash Dash at Estes Park Colorado.  She will fly back to officiate at that time.  Anyway, she flew off to help Shari Jensen in Colorado gather stash donations for the needleworking fire victims in Bastrop, TX.  Shari has been very busy!

After Bruce barbecued steak for dinner, Diane and I did some more stitching and gathering supplies.  Now we are off to watch another episode of the Tudors and drool over the costumes.  To say nothing of the actors

We will hopefully be able to check in again after tomorrow.  We are having lunch with my friend Bev and then all going to the Humanitarian Center to find more stash.

Until next report….
Cathy maroon


  1. Cathy un lindo itinerario, espero ver pronto todas las cosas bellas que compraste, ricas uvas.Besos.Olga.

  2. LOVE the fabric fairy - fabulous costume girlfriend, the mask, the works! DH and I just finished watching the entire four seasons of the Tudors and like you, found the costumes incredible. Trust us to be watching not only the story but the costumes LOL....

  3. Love the fabric fairy! How wonderful :)

  4. You are a HOOT!! Love the green fairy...and I can't believe you're hanging out with THAT DIane!! I read your earlier post about your friend coming but I didn't realize it was Diane Matheson!!! What lucky lucky girls you are!!! Have tons of fun girls!!!

  5. What fun! I love estate sales (much more than yard sales)

    I finally realized yard sales they sell whay they don't want any more - but at estate sales, they are selling what they wanted to keep :-)

    Enjoy your visit and this lovely fall weather!

  6. Cathy, your fabric fairy is great! And how lucky to be able to hang out with another crazy quilting friend.....


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