Monday, June 28, 2010

Images of Africa and Surprise

What’s the surprise???  Well, I’m not telling you until next month!  LOL.   Actually, I’ll tell you on July 1, so it’s only three (gulp) days away!!  Lots of things to prepare before then!  And part of it involves a giveaway, so stay tuned!

OK, so I’m going to post my Images of Africa quilt, block by block.  There are twelve blocks, and since I’m likely to miss a day or two here and there, it’ll probably take a couple weeks.   But it’ll be “business as usual” for all the other stuff; the blocks will just be tucked in ....  :-)

Block 1

All the African blocks finished out at about 11” square.  In each one I tried to incorporate something relating to an animal, something of the flora (real or fantasy), and something relating to the people or cultures.  Of course, the continent of Africa (specifically lower Africa, below the equator) is comprised of many different countries and has some of the most magnificent and varied wildlife and landscapes on earth.  So, this is a rather generic “dreamers” quilt; it’s my interpretation of Africa.

Not much stitching on this block, seam-wise, except in the lower left fan area.  The “pot” is appliqued on and the “shield” is an old earring.   The flowers in the lower right area are a technique I learned from Lisa Caryl in a class at The John C. Campbell Folk School back in 2006, where this quilt was started.  Lisa was assisting Martha Green in teaching for an entire week.  The piecing used in many of these blocks was Martha’s “Carny Roadside Attraction” method.  The gold metal hoop amongst those flowers is ALSO an earring, one of a pair I found that week in a North Carolina flea market.

In the upper right I collaged chunky earth-colored fibers, a mask fetish, buttons, some larger beads and a leaf (a thrift store find).  The giraffe was fussy-cut from fabric, appliqued to canvas and then attached.  I fringed the edges.  A fussy-cut mask (from a mask printed fabric), a bead, and some stitched symbols complete the upper left.  All in all, it was not one of my better blocks, which is why it was put in the upper left of the quilt.

Oh..... that orange striped fabric in the fan area actually came from a vintage kimono.  Other fabrics are silk, cottons, rayon and velvet.  Not sure if that African print at bottom center was part of the real fabric or part of the repro fabric I had of that print....

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By the way, if you’re interested in seeing more spoon stacks, check out Candy’s blog and take a look at her amazing thrift shop find - 3 of them!!

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