Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Block Finished for Wool CQ

This is the final block in the Wool DYB ("Do Your Own Block") Round Robin that I participated in this year with Crazy Quilting International.  The owner of these blocks, Karrin, pieced six different baskets and asked us to stitch flowers in them using threads or silk ribbons.  Here is the block I did.

Aargh!  I can see I still have forgotten to put the centers into the orange flowers on the right.  Hope I remember before I mail them tomorrow, LOL!  ;-)  Instead of a dragonfly, I decided to add a butterfly and red bug.  They seem to balance it out well, and are sort of folksy, which is the general feel of the blocks.  Here are all six blocks (the sixth and final will be done by Karrin herself).  The other stitchers in this round robin, besides Karrin and me, were Leslie, Hideko, Ritva, and Marya.

They'll be off in the mail to Karrin tomorrow.  And I move on to the next project, which is clean up my studio.  Then I can begin churning out some aprons for Farmers Market.  Next CQ project is an Art Nouveau block; ideas for that are percolating for the moment!
Cathy maroon


  1. I'm in love with all the little baskets!

  2. Cathy, so very pretty! I've always loved little baskets filled with flowers!

  3. Those baskets...timeless beauty.

  4. Love this project! I have saved a pattern from a magazine, with baskets like this, that I am itching to do.

  5. Cathy, gorgeous, stunning work. I love the orange flowers. What is the technique for them? You made yours fit into the set so well.

    Nice job and Beautiful work as usual.

    Ann Flowers


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