Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recent Sale-ing Finds

As regular readers know, I love to go sale-ing.  Estate sales are my favorites, but I'm also a regular yard sale and thrift store visitor.   It's impossible hard for me to steer by an antique store without dropping in.  Here in Utah, we don't have the "flea markets" that are common in the east and midwest.  Here in the west and intermountain areas, we have Swap Meets.  I think it's basically the same thing.  

Anyway, last Friday afternoon, my daughter Megan and I had some time time to spend together.  So, after my Weight Watchers meeting and lunch together at a little Chinese restaurant we found, we visited a couple sales.  The first was an estate sale up in the Avenues area of Salt Lake and the second was a 200+ family church "rummage sale" with proceeds to benefit their Bell Ringers.

I've never seen so much furniture at one sale as I did at the church rummage sale!  Almost a city block's worth out on their front lawn area.  The only furniture I bought was a $15 solid oak rocking chair  (no picture) - it's all that would fit in the back of my Prius.  I bought it for London's mom Heather, but she's already found one for herself since the last time we'd talked.  But Bruce loved it, and is going to clean it up and use it.  Happy ending.

I have a weakness for vintage embroidered linens, and found several pair of them at the estate sale.  The embroidery was impeccable, so I bought a pair of each of the following patterns.  And what a steal of a deal it was!   Some of these will likely be turned into little girl dresses for my booth at the Farmers Market this summer.

I thought these simple silver-plated bowls were interesting, and since I got them for a total of $3, why resist?  They look wonderfully shabby as-is, so I may leave them tarnished or may clean them up.  Who knows.  Probably will sell them and let someone else decide.

And then there's the silverplate.  I was telling Bruce the other day that I'd seen (and added to my idea files) several cute projects done with vintage silverware.  I mentioned that I may watch for a good coupon to get a metal stamping set on sale, and he replied "No!"  Then he ran to his laBORatory, rummaged around for a few minutes, and emerged proudly displaying not one, not two, but THREE different metal stamping alphabet sets.    The man is a true packrat gem, and boy do I love him!!

There was this pile of vintage fabrics at the rummage sale, and I grabbed it up.  Correction:  The retro floral print on the left came from the thrift store last week.  Three wonderful yards of heavier-weight cotton.  I may use one yard to do an apron (picture it with coordinating modern polka-dots...) and will probably sell the other two yards (contact me if interested).   The other three are yummy, and of various textures.  See the brown and gray print in front?  It's a 36" cotton (?? must do a burn test) from the sixties and has the most glorious soft hand to it.  There are just over two yards, and along the selvage is printed "Everfast Fabrics, Inc.".  I've been doing some research - they're still in business in the PA area.  Anyway, once I touched it, I fell in love....

Finally, some vintage in-package napkins, loop braid trim and some millinery leaves.  PINK  (are you drooling, Pam??)

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and that means Seniors (55 or over) get a 20% discount at the local Savers thrift store.  I haven't been there for two weeks, so I'm due for a visit.   And I'll be happy to take my discount - a small consolation for getting older.   Luckily, I still have to ask for it because they always think I'm younger!  HA!  I used to hate that when I was 21.....
Cathy maroon


  1. I had to laugh when I read you went to the Chinese resturant AFTER the WW meeting. I too attend WW and love my after weigh-in feast. That is the one big "free" meal of the week. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Lots of goodies... I love the silver and the heavy weight cotton from the '60s or '70s. AND the millinery leaves... yum! Estate sales are the best!

  3. Dear Mosaic Magpie, actually, I was very good at the Chinese restaurant. It helped that the food wasn't really very good. I had half a cup of egg drop soup, a chicken & veggie dish with steamed rice (only half of that, too) and read my fortune but didn't eat the cookie. But I know what you mean about eating AFTER the meetings. That's why I go to Friday WW meetings - then I've got more "wiggle room" on the weekends! ;-) Hugs, Cathy

  4. Am I drooling? Ha, ha, ha!! All over my keyboard! Oh you did find some nice goodies. Pink & vintage have my name all over it! Geez, I wish I could go junking with you Cathy. We sure would have a good time!

  5. Those embroidered items are so pretty! I found some nice stuff this week - have just put it on my blog if you want to check it out.
    I love the fabric with the watermelon on it!!


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