Monday, March 23, 2009

Vintage Linen Shopping - Part 2

Welcome back, shall we continue shopping? This is Part II of who-knows-how-many parts; I took a lot of pictures when I went shopping at my friend Joan's antique store, Mormon Trader Antiques in (where else? LOL) Salt Lake City.......

This is just one of many cases throughout the storeloaded with dishes, glassware, books, trinkets and decorative items. Plus the case itself (a china cabinet or vitrine) is gorgeous. I get so caught up in the vintage linens, lace and clothing, that I sometimes have to force myself to STOP and look and appreciate the "little things".

Of course, I was drawn to this table with footed glass dishes (is that a trifle dish on the left?) that were filled with pieces of trim and lace and ribbons...... all packaged neatly to keep them safe from oily hands.
One of my friends asked me what goodies I bought. Well, the dress form that I talked about yesterday, plus other things that I'll point out here and there as we come to them. And then I'll do a picture of it all together at the end. Anyway, that white lace with the little pink floral appliques sewn on is one thing that I bought. I also loved the red trim, and may go back and get that at a later time....

Here is a sample of unusual trim. Probably a bit heavy for crazy quilting purposes, though...And look at these peacock feather fans. I love peacocks, as many of you know. So yes, I did purchase one of these! They are as lovely on the back as they are on the front. I believe mine is the one on the far left.

If you're into shabby chic, primitive vintage, or just cute, quaint pieces, you'll love this child's metal sand pail. It was reasonably priced and got snatched up quickly by a lady who was going to add it to her garden art.

This is one of the finest pieces of handmade lace I've ever seen. Although Battenberg is not my favorite lace, well...... lace is like chocolate. There's no such thing as bad lace or bad chocolate types! This piece looked like a vest, but it was most likely made as a bodice overlay. There were no flaws or stains. A work of art!

Can you imagine the work that was involved in making this? What a labor of love!The following set of pictures chronicles the memorabilia from the 1894 wedding of Harriett Belle Hulbert to Mr. Willard J. Kling. Check out the well-preserved marriage certificate.

The wedding gown had a lot of dry rot, so the lady from whom my friend Joan bought it (family member) had lovingly hand-picked all the french lace off the gown. It was breathtaking.

Joan had assembled all the saved memorabilia into a box that was very nicely displayed (we'll see that in a moment). And then, a most unusual surprise. I mentioned it yesterday. It was a small box that caught our eye with the following writing on it:

It was the wedding cake box. And what do you think was inside? Yes, the wedding cake.

Now, keep in mind that they didn't have freezers or refrigerators (maybe ice boxes) in 1894. While this is certainly not perfectly preserved, it is amazing to think that it has survived this well for 115 years and not actually molded or rotted away.

This is the entire wedding set, including a picture of Harriett B. Hulbert Kling. There's a garter, gloves, ribbons, her slip, and a couple other things. All beautifully presented with the marriage certificate. My friend Chris snatched it up immediately, and that was that. She was not going to let it get away, LOL!!

And that's it for now. I'll show you the laces in my next post. I've also finished my fourth and final CQ'ed Puzzle Piece for Pat Winter's Pieces of Friendship Swap, so I'll snap a picture of that.

Until next time,


  1. Oh what fun you must have had! I LOVE lace and have a huge collection, vintage,venise, and so much more. That wedding set is so incredible. I would have wanted to snatch it up too. I am curious as to what your friend will do with it. Enjoy your purchases. Linda

  2. Hello Cathy. Oh, what wonderful treasures you found at the antique shop. Loved that wedding gown and all that beautiful lace. Thanks for sharing your shopping day with us. Hugs Judy

  3. Cathy,
    I enjoyed so much to see all those wonderful things, thanks so much for sharing with us.

  4. I'm enjoying your shopping trip immensely. How fun. What a treasure trove. I'm so glad you got the dress form for your birthday. Can you imagine having an 18" waist? Keep the pictures coming.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I love the lace. I would have gone into debt if I was there. Sharon

  6. Cathy... LOL! I was just kidding about "what goodies did you buy?", because I know if it was me, I would have a hard time resisting VBG! But, what you did buy are just lovely. Oh my, just too many beautiful things to oogle over.


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