Friday, March 20, 2009

CQ'ed Puzzle Pieces

This has been another crazy week, but I have been doing some stitching between madly running around. First of all, let me show you three of the four finished puzzle pieces that I'm doing for Pat's Pieces of Friendship Swap.

Here are three of the four that I'm doing. I made the mistake of satin stitching around the edges, thinking that would be a nice finish. Wrong. It was too hard to do the curves, and the fabrics - fancy fabric, muslin base, fused interfacing and backing - were too thick to allow a neat, even stitch. So, I buttonholed over it.

This first one (above) bore the brunt of all my experimentation, and I must say I'm not sure it's going to be a "finalist". I've retrieved it out of the trashcan twice. The top is not even, and I can see that I need to sew a center on the purple folded flower in the bottom left (oops!). But I like the colors, so we'll see.........

I like the colors on this one, too, but it's not perfectly even either. Ah well.... there it is. I have issues with squaring these things up. And the thread, which is lovely variegated pearle cotton (Needle Necessities) is lighter than it looked in the skein. But there was no way on earth I was going to stitch these puppies again!

This one is my favorite - love that little silkie!! The gold stitching on the vintage lace doesn't show up so well, so I may add beads there or something. And a few tiny buttons near the top (?!?)

The fourth piece is half done, but I wanted to get these pictures up tonight. Tomorrow morning I'll spend a couple hours at the antique shop I talked about in my last post. Then it's off to work a shift at Barnes & Noble from noon - 7. At least I won't have to cook dinner!



  1. Cathy.... these are adorable... I don't think there is anything wrong with the one you threw in the trash can... piddly little things though, not something I would do, I admire you for that... is that a little crocheted flower??? I know you do some of your own... do you have any patterns for them... VBG???

  2. Hello Cathy, WOW I think they are all great. Very unique all of them. I also like the one with the silkie, but I am very partial to silkies. vbg Hope you had a great trip to the antique place. Hugs Judy

  3. Wow, these puzzle pieces are terrific! There is soooo much detail to each one.

    Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like a fun week..

  4. Hi Cathy

    These are great. So much detail in such a little space. How tiny those little silkies must be. Don't think I have seen any that small.

    I haven't started mine yet but must get going as I have the 2 squares for Kate to start yet. Run, run, run.



  5. Cathy thanks for sharing your lovely pcs. I tryed to satin stitch too and had the same problems. So I just might try satin stitching over like you did. Very helpful. Thanks Sharon

  6. Your done! Wow. I haven't even begun.
    We have a great lace gallery and store in Berekly California called Lacis. I think they have a web site.


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