Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've signed up for Pat Winters' Pieces of Friendship Swap. We're all asked to make 4" puzzle pieces with our technique of choice. When they're sent to Pat, she'll swap them out and we'll get pieces from others who've signed up from all over the world. Pat provided the puzzle piece pattern (is it just me, or are there a lot of "P"'s??? Pat's Perfectly Pretty Puzzle Piece Party!).

Anyway, I thought about colors for a minute, then it struck me how small 4" is. Why not use something already pieced? Or scraps? So out came my trusty bin of tiny fabric scraps (and some that were not so tiny but were lonely leftovers).

Some of these were already sewn together from when Martha Green taught us her chaining technique back in May-June of 2006 at the John Campbell Folk School. And these pieces were very bright and cheery, so I figured it might also be a good way to use up some snippets of thread, lace, etc. I officially made it my goal to use only bits and pieces and leftovers for this project. Those puzzle pieces might be small, but they tricky little buggers! My sewing machine was giving me fits trying to satin stitch over fancies on tight curves (I cut away the outside fabric after the satin stitching was done).

The color is way off on this picture (that background fabric is gold and everything is much more saturated and bright). I just couldn't capture it with the camera nor fix it with my photo editor (time for lessons?). So now I'm off to begin embellishing.........



  1. O.M.G....brave you.... I wouldn't want to do this one.... but they look great anyway!


  2. Hi Cathy,

    Thanks so much for entering my give-away and for your sweet compliments too! and no worries about the apostrophe, I actually didn't paint those and a few people noticed them too :) The ones we used for the pictures had the mistake on them, but the ones for sale and that I am sending out don't have the error. But thanks for pointing it out.

    Come by and visit anytime! Have a wonderful weekend too! Hugs, Cynthia

  3. Beautiful Cathy!!! Wow, what a name..perhaps we should change the title to yours??? LOL. That would certainly shake it up!!!
    I'm adding your pieces to the blog for inspiration. Great job!

  4. OOOHHH these look great! I can't wait to see them all dressed up.


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