Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Puzzle Piece #4 and Miscellaneous

Tonight I'm taking a break from the pictures of my Adventure in Antiques last weekend to catch up on a few things.

First, I want to thank dear Karrin Hurd for her generous package of red and white fabrics. She saw the block I was working on here, and was so thoughtful to send these GREAT fabrics.

These fit in perfectly with the work I'm doing, and I can't wait to finish up my current obligations to get back to the reds!! Thank you so much, Karrin!

And I was lucky enough to win one of 20 CQ Squishies in the drawing held by the Alliance for American Quilts. They are promoting crazy quilting by hosting a contest this year. These squishies were prepared and donated by Allison Aller, who won their contest last year. She is also now a Board member (lucky for us - gives someone else a chance to win, LOL!). Check out their exciting contest and the site. Here is my lovely squishie:

Next, I have finished up my fourth and final puzzle piece for Pat Winter's Pieces of Friendship swap. The blocks are exactly 4" square in size. They seem to get easier with each one. Gee, if I did a few hundred, I might eventually get them perfectly square, LOL!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, I've had a few people ask me what I actually bought as I browsed and drooled at the Mormon Trader Antique store last weekend (luscious eye candy posts to resume tomorrow). Well, I got the dress form and peacock fan that I pointed out, plus:

Vintage laces (check 'em out up close), vintage trims, a vintage purse frame and a picture that I can scan and make silk prints out of..... plus:

A hankie case with ribbon trim, and some lace with pink rosebud appliques in it. The case is probably from the fifties and the lace from the fifties or sixties. There's another amazing piece of lace that I bought, but I'm not showing it (yet) because I'm thinking of using it in a purse for the Crazy Quilting International (CQI) purse contest. And because of its unusual nature and particular motif, it would too recognizable. So it'll wait for now.... ;-)

Off to stitch! Hugs,


  1. Love your puzzle piece!
    If only you had gotten a red squishie...but I hope you'll be able to use this little collection one day. I so hope you will enter the contest!!!!!

    Thanks also for your sweet comment about my Cottage CQ. I am very, VERY glad it is finally done. ;-)
    xo Allie

  2. Hello Cathy, Love all the goodies you bought at the antique place. They are all sooo very lovely. Your puzzle piece is fantastic. great job. I look forward to seeing your CQI purse. Hugs Judy

  3. Cathy... those reds will go perfectly with your red block... and the squishie, well of course, they are just your colour, VBG. As they say practice makes perfect, and you are certainly getting to that on your puzzle pieces. I am drooling with your little purchases, LOL!

  4. You finished your pussel piece! I have not even downloaded the template...Don't tell Pat!


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