Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Wool Block

I was able to complete this 6" wool block for Marya.  We are in a Wool round robin together at CQI.  My friend Gerry K (olderrose) was visiting this week, and we got a lot of quality stitching time.  We also visited an antique mall, thrift stores, a home dec fabric store and a bead store.  But I'll save those pictures for my next post!!

Here's my work for Marya:

The flower is leftover dyed silk cocoon waste with a silk floss center.  I received a children's clothing catalog this week and in it noticed some cute flower stems that were just torn/wound fabric strips rolled over (I presume) cording. So that's how I did the stem and leaf of the big flower.  The dyed flower and button in the upper right corner were from my friend Donna Johnson, and that rattail cord echoes the twisty feel of the other flower stem.  The embroidery was all silk perle.  The flower vine on the left is made from leftover scraps of silk ribbon (1" or less) that were gathered and tacked on with thread.  The rest is pretty basic; the "leaves" of the bottom lavender flower are actually part of the same lace piece that the upper flower came from.   There are some seed beads in the floral vine for sparkle, but they aren't showing up in the picture.

Thanks for stopping by!


kweenvee said...

Wow, your wool block is just amazing!!! Love the colours, love everything about it. Great job

Gina E. said...

Stunning work, Cathy! I love the way you combine your seam stitches - I am not adventurous, even though I have a dozen CQ books to show me how to do it! I think I just need to make up a square of foundation material covered with rows of fabrics, and use it to practice some more elaborate stitching before I apply it to one of my blocks.

Plays with Needles said...

You and Gerry must have had a great time...! Your block is FUN...and I like those flowers to the left...they look like tissue paper and poms. Very fun!

Cat said...

Looks great! Your flowers came out fabulous, and it looks like fun to work on... the needle goes thru wool so easy... I love wool crazy quilts.

Have a beautiful sunny day!