Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dried Bouquet, Christening Gown & Victoriana

Being empty nesters, DH & I have four extra bedrooms...... and two of those are made up as guest rooms. One is very feminine and Victorian; the other is very masculine and African-themed (the other two bedrooms downstairs are our office and part of my studio). In the feminine room (or the frou-frou room as DH calls it), I have my wedding bouquet dried and hanging from a shelf peg.

The christening gown, cap and booties were from my christening, more than 50 years ago. (HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!!! When did I get old?) I just thought these made a cute vignette, and because of celebrating our 5th anniversary last weekend, I had been thinking of the bouquet. The teapot on the top right was painted by a friend of mine back in California before I had kids.

Random thought: must paint that shelf white and distress it up a bit.......

The round ball on the little lace-covered stand is a potichomania ball (reproduction). These were made in Victorian times by middle-class women to imitate fine porcelain. Basically, they used paper scrap and stickers and reverse-decoupaged them into glass balls. Then the glass was painted white. I was actually "into" this for awhile back in the early nineties (1990's, not 1890's - I'm not *that* old, LOL). Maybe I ought to revive it ?!?!? Yeah right, like in my "spare" time, hehehe.


Susan said...

That's a lovely arrangement. Makes me want to see the rest of the bedroom. =) I never heard of those balls, that I recall, although there's a niggle at the back of my mind that I've seen one in a museum.

Unique Gowns said...

I love this photo ! Your gown kept well ! Dana