Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wedding, New Car, Sewing Progress

Wow, what a week! It has been almost nonstop go-go-go. But it’s all good!

On Saturday evening of last week, we attended the wedding of Bruce’s younger daughter Stacy to her fiancé Chad. This is the second marriage for both.  Here is Bruce walking the lovely bride down the grass “aisle”. The wedding was held in their backyard, and the weather was perfect! It was very casual and absolutely lovely and fun.

The ceremony was short and sweet, then the music, food and beverages (alcoholic and non) were brought out. There were so many extended family members on our side that we hadn’t seen in years, so it was nice to catch up. And Chad’s (the groom) family were so friendly and warm as well. It was just such a pleasant evening.

The Wedding Party 
Back Row, L-R, Hunter (Stacy’s oldest), Aleisha (Chad’s daughter), Stacy, Chad and Aleisha’s best friend, whom Chad said is like a daughter to him
Front Row (all Stacy’s kids): Evie, Bear, Oakley and Remi in pink

The guys: Hunter, Groom Chad, Bear (who was Ring Bearer)

On Sunday, Cousin Kim and friend Ruby came over as usual, and we sewed the day away. It’s always so fun and relaxing to laugh, sew, listen to music and even squeeze in a bit of puzzle-making with friends. 

Monday saw us working out in the yard All. Day. Well, almost all day. I did come inside about mid-afternoon to finally get a shower and start tackling Mt. Washmore.

Tuesday morning was my Weight Watchers weigh-in as usual. I’m a mere point six (.6) away from my goal. Total weight loss to date: 63.8 pounds. Once I hit that goal, my Lifetime Membership will be restored (no monthly fees!). I plan to lose another 11 pounds after that so I can have a total loss of 75 pounds. That will give me a little leeway in minor weight fluctuations without having to stress about losing that Lifetime status again! 

On Tuesday, Bruce and I began car shopping for me. We’ve been a one-vehicle family for several years. We figured that once we retired and his arm was amputated, one car would be plenty. But now that we’re in the process of getting divorced (very amicable, don’t feel sorry for us), we realized we’d need to get another car. On Wednesday, we purchased this 2021 Nissan Kicks for me. It has low miles, a pristine Carfax history and title, and was very clean. I would’ve preferred a lighter or brighter color, but I’m totally thrilled with my new baby.

But you’re probably here to see what was happening in my sewing studio this week, and I’m pleased to say that it was, at least, SOMEthing. 

More 4.5” Christmas Stars were sewn. As well, I decided that where I could, I would replace some of the little stars with squares of red print, low-contrast (with the red background) fabric. I think that will save me from having to make about 16-18 of the 89 small stars I’m working towards. Also, Cousin Kim has volunteered to help me churn out a few stars, so we’re hoping to finish those off by mid-October. 

Here are the three sizes of stars for comparison. Naturally, I’m only showing a few of the 19 large stars and a few of the 50 medium (8”) stars. The quilt will finish at roughly 90x96”, or something like that. I’ll give you more of the details as the top gets closer to a finish. 

Once the stars are all sewn, it should be only a day or two (hopefully) to get the top assembled. Then I can hand it off to the quilter before the end of October so I can have it back by Thanksgiving weekend. I want to be able to give it to son Ryan and daughter-in-law Kim so that they can have it on their bed this Christmas season.

Finally, I did get the aqua strings quilt top sewn together as was my goal this week.

I have the perfect piece of aqua fabric with bright dots on it for the backing. Perhaps I can get this basted this week, along with a scrappy quilt top I made a couple weeks ago at the Quilts for Kids workshop. Come to think of it, I’ve never shown that top, but I will soon enough. 

That’s about it for now. Has fall arrived where you are? Our temps dipped on Friday, and it was positively frigid here. The furnace even kicked on. But it’s supposed to warm up to the high seventies for next week. I believe that is an early Indian Summer for us, and I hope it lasts. It just feels to me as though this is going to be another long, cold, snowy winter. We’re busy “gathering our nuts and acorns” - which means harvesting the remaining tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and potatoes. It sure has been good eating (and sharing) from the garden this year.


  1. My goodness - lots of news in this post! The wedding party looks so happy and I'm so glad that the weather cooperated for their special day. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm sorry that you and Bruce are parting ways. Then I was happy to read about you almost reaching your weight loss goal AND the new car too. It's been cool here too but our eleven days away were mostly warm with a couple of rather hot days.

  2. informal weddings seem to be happening more and more in recent years - I think most people are just priced out of the big formal weddings where everything from the food to fancy dress and venues have become over priced. Sorry to hear you and your husband are parting ways but it sounds mutual so be happy

  3. What a great-looking blended family! And Bear has an appropriately "formal" black sling. Congratulations on your WW success! (And watch your email--I have an offer for you.)

  4. That sound like the perfect wedding and I would even look forward to going to one like that.
    Nice car! Congrats on being so close to your goal weight. I know it is a lot of hard work.

  5. The wedding pictures are wonderful. Congrats on your WW progress. I reached my goal with 32 pounds, but have reset that goal for another 10 pounds. Like you, I want a little leeway for fluctuations. So sorry hear about the divorce but glad it's a friendly one.

  6. What a week indeed! Wow! It looks like it was a lovely wedding. Congratulations on the weight lost. I can't lose 10 pounds so I'm VERY impressed with your 63.8. Whoop Whoop! Congrats on the purchase too. Love the car. Love your aqua quilt too. It turned out so striking! Those red stars are adding up. Hang in there; it will get done eventually. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. Three cheers on the weight loss front. I chuckled when I saw Chad dressed in shorts for the wedding, since Senator Fetterman's shorts have created such a kerfuffle in Congress. Good luck finishing up those stars and congrats on the new-to-you car. I'm glad the divorce process is moving amoothly.

  8. I'm with Magpie, above - that's a lot of news, Cathy! Looks like a lovely wedding and family gathering. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce, though - that's a huge life change for you both. Meanwhile, sounds like you're still having fun in the sewing room. Love the aqua strings quilt top - so pretty!

  9. Lovely wedding, everyone looks very happy and relaxed. So sorry to read about you both going your own ways, there will be a lot of sorting out to do I'm sure.

  10. Congrats on the lovely family wedding, your weight loss, and all that quilt progress, Cathy! You could have knocked me over with your other news. Amicable or not, BIG changes are on the horizon! Best of luck with sorting it all out.

  11. The wedding photos of the family are lovely, so nice to have a garden wedding. The red as a background in your Christmas quilt looks great - so bold and bright!

  12. I’m finally back to reading comments! I love, love, love the string quilt! What a lovely wedding party! I loved seeing all the kids! Every one looks happy! A new car and great weight loss. I myself, have backslid! Gee Whiz! 😧 Fingers crossed for a not so COLD winter, but I guess we don’t have control of that!

  13. Loved the wedding pictures, informal and jolly. Enjoy your new car. The string quilt looks great. Sorry to hear you and Bruce are parting but good to know you’re both happy about the decision. Keep on with the weight loss target - you have done amazingly well.

  14. What a great post! I enjoyed it all and especially happy for your daughter and family. And how wonderful you two are parting as friends which is what I did with my first husband after 34 years...I didn't want to lose my history and he was there with me. I think your new car is great. We have the one large SUV which always feels too big for me driving. Lovely stars and beautiful strings. I like how you combined the scrappy centers of the stars with the consistent red points, etc. Overall fabulous look. You are busy, yes fall teasing us here in se Ontario with cool mornings but warming up during the day. Very nice. You take care now and I know you will enjoy the stitching.


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