Saturday, June 10, 2023

World’s Happiest

Not me. I’m human, LOL. But here is the World’s Happiest Rose Bush, shown here in the height of this flush of bloom. Oh my!!

I’ll save a few more garden photos for the end of the post so that we can get right down to scrappy sewing business. Today, as always, I’m linking up to Scrappy Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

The first blocks I tackled this week were the Little Bricks blocks, which are 6” when finished. I made 12 in light blue last year, and here are 11 more to add to those. 

Next up were the Four in Nine blocks; three with a dark gray constant and three with a navy constant. My camera, obviously, does not see the difference…

And to finish things off for the week, six Chaser blocks. 

I did finish binding two more Quilts for Kids. On Wednesday I did a post about those, but most of you who stop by for the RSC photos probably haven’t seen them. The post with pictures of those four kid quilts is HERE.

The most fun I had in the studio this week was putting together some scraps in light and bright blue with light and bright pink. It’s destined to be another kid donation quilt. Here is a sneaky preview of its progress:

Finishing this top up is my first priority for the weekend, then I’ll probably dive into my light and bright blue strings. But later this morning I’m off to a Quilts for Kids workshop where I can hopefully sit and sew with friends for three hours. 

Another highlight of my week was two trips to our favorite nursery to get more plants. I went with a list in hand (well, technically, on my iPhone) and stuck to it. But then I went back again yesterday to pick up a David Austin rose (Queen of Shalott, a climber). It’s my first David Austin rose. The nursery had sold out of the type of tree we wanted, so unless they get more in this fall, I guess we’ll have to wait until next spring to replace the maple we lost 2 summers ago. 

The poinsettia I bought at the grocery store last Christmas season is still alive and well. So I used it as the center of one of my walkway flower pots. It’s still loving it’s life! 

I can’t believe how some of the flowers in the pots are already taking off!

Time to get moving this morning. Have a great week!


  1. You must be having great growing weather! I love that coral rose. How pretty. And a summer poinsettia! I've never been able to keep one alive. The quilts are great, too. :) By the way, the nursery can order a tree for you, so you may not have to wait until fall. Happy gardening!

  2. Lovely RSC blocks in those blues--I really like Little Bricks a lot--nice works going on at your place...hugs, Julierose

  3. Your rose is just gorgeous, Cathy! I love the blue and pink quilt, too - pretty color combination. I'll have to go check out your Quilts for Kids!

  4. wow gorgeous flowers - I like your projects this week - they don't leave me "blue"

  5. Your Worlds Happiest is delightful!

  6. Oh! That rose bush is glorious! I love seeing all your Talavera pots full of color. You made great use of the poinsettia as a "Thriller". My gardener friends says a pot needs a "thriller, a filler and a spiller".. A tall one, filler ones in the pot and ones that spill over the edges. It makes a lovely look!!! You know I anxious to see the blue and pink creation!! I loved the "peek"!

  7. That rose bush is spectacular. Like Mari, I think the nursery might be able to order the tree for you, but I would have it arrive for fall planting. It will settle in better once cooler temps arrive.

  8. Love your scrappy blue blocks and fun quilt top. The rose is gorgeous! Can't stop looking at the photo! Poinsettias grow tall here and they start blooming this time of the year ('winter', cooler temps). In Norway we get them only for Christmas, in pots. I almost got a shock first time I saw a big poinsettia in bloom! lol

  9. Do people in the neighborhood stop by to smell and admire the roses ? I sure would ( breathing deeply). Love the quilt efforts and the fowers equally. Thanks for the entertainment.

  10. What a beautiful rose bush! Your blues projects are a sparkly insipration.


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