Saturday, February 4, 2023

Pink February

Hi all! It’s been another fun and busy week, and I have a lot of pictures to show you. 

On Monday, I went out to lunch with my DDIL Kim. We dined lightly on soup and salad at Olive Garden, then went to one of our local fabric stores where she picked out the fabrics for a Christmas quilt that she asked me to make her and Ryan this year. Let me show you the fabric we got…

I can’t link to the inspiration quilt, but it was from a 2012 quilt-along from Sheila at Thought and Found, a blog that is no longer active. The pattern was called Oh My Stars!, not to be confused with Pat Sloan’s quilt of the same name. Anyway, I’ll basically be doing sawtooth stars in various sizes on a field of red. I’ll work on it throughout the year and give occasional updates.

I did finish a quilt for Quilts for Kids this week. 

This is the second of two quilts from a stack of blocks that I got from QFK a couple years ago. I had to unpick and re-sew four blocks to correct (glaring) errors.  The yellow floral border and the backing fabric are the last of  2 pieces from my stash. The finished quilt is 46x60”.

Then it was time to dig into my overflowing pink scrap bin. When the dust cleared, I had 15 Little Bricks blocks

Four of the Four-in-Nine blocks with gray

and 5 Chaser blocks.

The Chaser blocks will go into a “Creature” quilt later this month that I’ll cobble together from scraps, miscellaneous orphan blocks and roadkill to make a Frankenstein-esque quilt of some sort.

I also pulled some donated pink 16-patch blocks (from Catherine in NJ) and made some four-patch blocks from scraps to round out another quilt top.

On Wednesday I spent 2-3 very enjoyable hours layering and basting the next batch of four quilts to be quilted (while bebopping around the studio dancing to some great Motown vibes), all of which I plan to focus on next week.

My breaks from quilting next week will consist of sewing down these pink strings into 6.5” blocks. I’d like to get 30-36 total…

… and putting together his elephant quilt top.

On Tuesday, my Weight Watchers weigh-in show another 2 pound drop, which now puts me over the 35-pounds lost mark. I won’t bore you with the details every week, but will be noting (for myself if nobody else) every 5-pound incremental mark. And my sweet friend Ruby was back from her trip to Jordan and Egypt bearing gifts for the entire WW class. Because she is so generous like that. She’ll be joining Cousin Kim and I once again for our Sunday Sewing tomorrow. 

Perhaps the highlight of my week was receiving another generous box of donated fabric for Quilts for Kids from my friend Wanda. I was so excited to see it and fondle it and divide it into piles for future use, that I didn’t get a picture of it all. But here’s a partial “re-created” shot. Thanks again, Wanda. You’re the best!

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  1. I love Olive Garden I wish I had one close by

  2. What a plethora of lovely pink projects you have going on there!! :))) I especially love the 4 in 9 with the black in there for contrast...really neat blocks. We awoke this morning to minus 6 degrees with a wind chill of minus 15--brrrr-good day to sit and sew or crochet or stitch or anything , really to stay indoors, right??hahaha Stay warm hugs, Julierose

  3. Love the finished QFK quilt - the backing is so pretty. You must be pleased with this finish Cathy. Enjoyed looking at the plethora of pink scraps and how you have already worked them into some blocks. The 16 patch donation blocks look great with your 4 patches. Well done. Glad you had a nice outing with your DDIL and congratulations for you continued weight loss!

  4. Sorry I forgot to mention the Elephants quilt. I love the border fabric you have chosen - perfect choice! Just read the previous comments and I see Julierose chose the same word as me - plethora. We must think alike.

  5. You've been SEW productive in PINK, Cathy!! A completed quilt, a freshly finished top, and a TON of blocks to boot? Go you!!!

  6. Lots of fun going on in your sewing room this week, Cathy! That's a pretty bunch of fabric for the Christmas quilt - I love the green with the trees on it. Your Chaser blocks are pretty in pink, too. And, of course, I always love the elephant quilts - in any color!

  7. That stripe is so perfect for the elephant quilt and running it all in the same direction, I love that. I think this multicolor elephant group is my new favorite of all you have made.
    Congratulations on the continuing weight loss. I know how much determination that takes and the bigger the loss, sometimes the more momentum you get for future loss.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the fabrics. I'm not making as many kid's quilts now and I want to be sure the fabric will get used. Don't want it in my "estate sale".

  8. Pretty Christmas fabric. Congrats on the QFK finish, beautiful quilt. You've been busy, basted quilts and making quilt blocks, all nice projects. Adorable elephant quilt, so cute. Congrats on weight loss too. Happy sewing!

  9. Lots of pretty projects this week. Congrats on passing that 35 lb mark. I’ve lost 25 and just hope not to gain any of it back while on vacation for 2 weeks. It’s hard work! —Sara

  10. I’ll be interested in keeping up with the Christmas quilt. Some fabulous fabrics you found. I need to make sure my “Blocks To Be Made notebook has the chaser block and the little bricks listed. I really like those two! I see some gorgeous pink string blocks n the works too! Have a great week!,

  11. Congratulations on your WW progress....and even more, the wonderful pinks! Nice to have fabric shopping with a purpose. I found the stars quilt pattern here:

  12. I'm sew jealous of all the stitching time you got in last week! Loved seeing the complex-looking blocks; they look great, even if you had to re-sew some of them! I'm drooling over your pink strings, too. Congrats on the WW loss - it's such a great feeling!

  13. I was curious about the Stars design so I consulted with Mr. Google and I think I found it here... Hopefully that's the one?
    The lella-fonts quilt is looking great - perfect choice for the border I think.


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