Saturday, February 18, 2023

More Quilt Finishes and the Rest of the Fabric Tour

Usually when Blogger goes berserk on me, it at least lets me know that there are unsaved changes to a post. But last week? No...... So the last part of my studio fabric storage “tour” flew off into the ether, never to be seen again. (Like a Chinese spy balloon?)  

So let’s quickly dispatch with that and then move on to this week’s Rainbow Scrap (pink!) progress and the quilt finishes for the week.

These are the bottom two shelves of the leftmost (of three) bookshelves. The upper shelf holds two WIP quilts (another Zip quilt to be sewn - FOR ME THIS TIME! LOL) and the Red Ribbons quilt that needs to be finished. The rest are fabric pulls for three more personal quilts and several pillowcases, also personal.

The bottom shelf is my autumn and Halloween fabric for a quilt or two I never even got started last year. I think there’s also some Independence Day fabric there. And on the floor is my plastic tote of Framed Four Patch blocks from RSC 2022. There is a line through the label meaning it’s ready to be assembled.

This is what we’ll dissect next (the right two bookshelves):

Left Bookshelf (top down): 
Purple scrap tote on purple yardage, Kaffe Fassett fabrics
Aqua scrap tote on aqua/teal fabrics; Yellow scrap tote on yellow/gold fabrics
Solid scraps and yardage
The remainder of that are the Cubbies of Shame. I’ll come back to those in a moment.

Right Bookshelf (top down):
Red scrap tote and red yardage
Black/Gray/Brown yardage; Light Blue scrap tote on light blue yardage
Pink scrap tote on pink yardage; Orange scrap tote on orange yardage
Dark blue yardage and scraps
All the Greens - scraps and yardage
Bottom shelf; Christmas fabrics and scraps; shirtings
On floor in front: another group of quilt tops sent from Jo Kramer in IA (Jo’s Country Junction) as I’m one 
     of her quilt finishers. These will be added to the Cubbies of Shame

Cubbies of Shame:

Kids and Novelty yardage, paired and unpaired with like colors/themes.
Quilt tops to have a backing made, then to be layered, quilted and bound.
In baggies and plastic tote: groupings of like-themed or like-colored scraps - quilt “kits” that I pull out to sew on, a few at a time each month. 

Yes, I’ve got a backlog here to last me well into next year and beyond. Or maybe into next decade, LOL. Therefore, with a grateful heart and humble apologies, I have to ask my generous friends and donors to hold off sending things for awhile. Now, if you’re OK with sending larger fabric pieces that can be used as backings and/or passed directly on to Quilts for Kids, that would be awesome. I just cannot sew them all, and I’m not sure if that was ever expected or not. But everything intended for Quilts for Kids goes to Quilts for Kids, whether it’s in the form of a quilt or fabric to be made into quilts by one of our hard workers.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Now, let’s get to the fun stuff - pink, girly February in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

First, I made 12 Split Nine blocks.

And then I started working on little crumb blocks, but I’ll save those for next week. Instead, I’ll show you the three quilts I was able to quilt, bind and label this week. Just in time for our monthly QFK workshop tomorrow!

Pink Checkerboard blocks (donated by Catherine in NJ) supplemented with some 4-patch blocks and one pink orphan block from my stash. Finished size: 40x50”. The backing was the last of an old sheet, the first half of which backed a pink quilt from last year!

This next one has a bit of a history to share. The two circus border strips (a J. Wecker Frisch fabric) were a gift to me from Nann; they actually came from her friend Dorothy (how appropriate! The lion in the panel reminds me of The Cowardly Lion. But I digress....).  The wild pink and red diamonds, which really should be turned the other way in a perfect world, seemed to scream Circus to me. So this Tula Pink fabric (from her Tabby Road collection) was included, along with some dark pink and white stripe fabric. Four quick seams, and two side strips later, and an outrageous circus quilt was born. 

The backing used the last chunks of these Kaffe and Kaffe Collective fabrics. I would’ve felt bad doing that, but with the solid designers of the front fabric to keep the Kaffes company, I figured the Quilt Police would turn a blind eye. 

This little quilt, which took next to no time, finished at 39.5 x 44.5”.

And here come the elephants! This penultimate elephant quilt is finished! The last one will be done in March, but for now, isn’t this just the cutest quilt ever? 

Happy Elephants finished at 39.5 x 44.5”.  I sure wish I had lots more of that border fabric!! 

So, what do you do when you have really enjoyed your week sewing pink circus quilts and elephant quilts? You make one more to keep the fun going!  Here is my pink “Creature” quilt in progress. It named itself  The Creature From the Pink Circus.

At this point, only the central portion between the hot pink starred width-of-fabric strips is sewn. I started with a vintage elephant appliqué (also from Dorothy’s stash, courtesy of Nann) and machine appliquéd it down to a cute trimmed fat quarter - designed by Tamara Kate, one of my all-time fave designers and purchased from her Spoonflower shop. I added a polka-dot balloon appliqué too. 

The rest is just cobbled together, medallion-style, with leftover blocks of strings, waffles, Twin Sisters, Bullseye Courthouse Steps, and Chaser blocks. I think I’ll probably replace that ugly top strip with some 6” scrap blocks. That’s on the agenda for the coming week. Also coming are two adorable quilts from my friend McGill in South Carolina. One of hers is already basted, and the other has the backing made and will be basted, along with the Creature from the Pink Circus this week. I can’t wait!

Have a great week, friends!


  1. Your elephants on parade are just so adorable!! And I really like that Pink Creature quilt, too...stay safe hugs, Julierose

  2. I must admit I'm surprised to note the size of your stash - for all the quilts you make I would have thought you would have shelves upon shelves of it and from what I see it all looks quite manageable. Of course there could be a whole nother room floor to ceiling with it that you didn't show us!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I have too much fabric and it sometimes (often) overwhelms me. Maybe the trick is to do less shopping and more sewing! 😄

    2. You get a lot of mileage out of those Ellies! that's 4-5 quilts so far? I love it.

  3. So much eye candy! Pieced backings can be such a fun surprise on a quilt. Great use of those circus strips.

  4. Thank you for sharing your sewing and UFO organization. I have to address the piles in my sewing room. I think/know my clutter and disorganization slows me down. You get so much done, and it is obvious it brings you so much joy.

  5. Dorothy would be pleased to know her leftovers are being put to such good use. I enjoyed your tour--definitely more method than madness. I'm working with some orphan blocks and thinking "what would Cathy do with these?"

  6. Those shelves for your stash are really nice! Did you say they were from Ikea? Love the elephant quilt finish - so bright and happy. The inspiration block from Dorothy is perfect for the start of a pink creature quilt!

  7. As always, loved this post, for all the usual reasons, seeing what you do with scraps. Love the Elephant quilts and of course that binding is wonderful. Enjoyed reading how you are developing the latest Creatures quilt. Have a good week, can’t wait to see what you show us next week!

  8. Love, love,love Creature from the Pink Circus! Those split nines arranged on your design wall, look so modern, so graphic! I so enjoyed your elephant,quilts! All of them! What a good week you had!!

  9. Once again, you are the master of making pretty things out of bits and pieces! I love the elephants and the pink circus creature, and the 16 patch is so nice and calm. Such lovely things. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  10. You've been busy as always! Love your quilts, so pretty and cheerful. The Elephant quilt is adorable. Fun split-9-blocks. Love how you store your stash, thanks for the tour. I have an old wardrobe (now in pieces) I want to turn into fabric storage. It has to be painted, but this time of the year is too hot and humid for such work.

  11. great job on all you make! still loving the cute!

  12. SEW much PINK scrappy goodness, Cathy!! I'm sorry you had to recreate the 2nd portion of your studio tour post. :o((


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