Saturday, December 15, 2018

Rainbow Progress and OMG Finish!

I originally meant to do the finish of All You Need is Love as a separate post (separate from my Rainbow Scrap progress for the week), but that plan fell by the wayside. I just spent too much time behind the sewing machine and not enough at the computer. Maybe that’s the way it should be, LOL.

Anyway, let’s start off with the finished quilt. All You Need is Love was inspired by the Art Gallery (Mathew Boudreaux) center panel print, which pays homage to the Beatles’ song. Last year when my daughter Megan was visiting for Christmas, we picked out a selection of fabrics (later fine-tuned and added to by moi), motifs and patterns, and discussed the general design idea. Then I stitched on this as the colors coincided with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge monthly color.

The quilt finished at 68x80” and includes lots of specialty quilting. You can see the texture on this picture of the backing.

This is the motif that Megan wanted on the corners. I just did some straight line echoing of the solid fabrics in their angled pieces, surrounded by stippling in the white areas.

Yes, some corners were hurt in the making of this quilt, but I just keep telling myself that if you can’t see it from a galloping horse......

And the best part was that Darla gave this quilt not just one, but TWO snugglability tests at different times on the same day. Here is Test #1.

Hmmmm..... yes, this quilt seems purrfectly snuggly to me....

Indeed, it’s fit for a Queen!!

I made a matching pillow for Megan from the leftovers of the All You Need is Love fabric, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. I did take pictures (probably with my phone), but can’t find them now. Both the quilt and pillow and assorted other Christmas presents were mailed off to Megan last Monday. She received them on Thursday and has sent me pictures of the quilt and pillow in the wild. She had just bought a lovely new couch for her living room, so it was the perfect opportunity to share it all together in situ.

This completes my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for December, and I’m linking up to Elm Street Quilts’ finish post. 

All You Need is Love was also my Goal #2 on my 4th Quarter Finish Along List, which you can see HERE.  With this finish, I’ve completed 7 out of 10 goals, which was what I had hoped to accomplish for the quarter. Maybe I’ll even have another finish before year end! HERE is the linky party for 4th qtr.

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Once I finished AYNILove, I began working on my selvage block quilts. I had made 149 selvage blocks (measuring 6.5”, unfinished) over the course of our Rainbow Scrap challenge this year. That turned out to be too many for one quilt..... or two quilts, even. So, I ended up dividing them into three separate (and slightly overlapping) color groups. 

First, I apologize for the bad pictures. Here is the flimsy of the gray-sashed blocks. The selvage block colors are gray/black, purple, red, brown and orange. This one has a more masculine feel, which was the intent. It measures 54 x 61.5”.  

Next is the dark blue, aqua and green version with slightly wider blue sashing. It’s in progress. It will measure 58x58” when finished.

Finally, this is planned for selvage quilt #3. It will include pinks, yellow, light blues, and light greens with pink sashing (exact fabric to be determined).  I’ll have this at least to flimsy stage by next week. I’m hoping to have at least two of the three quilted and finished by year end.

I’m linking up to Angela’s Scrappy Saturday and Cynthia’s Oh Scrap! on Sunday.  That is, if I can tear myself away from this year-end sewing frenzy!!  (wink)


  1. The colored sashing choices make such a big impact on how the blocks look. Great progress on both quilts. Congratulations on the finish though. Big accomplishment!

  2. You have been busy! Beautiful AYNIL quilt, bright and cheerlful colors! Love your string quilts too, the one with grey sashings is my favorite!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful quilt. I remain amazed how you march from start to finish. Molly hesitates to mention, however, that colored contact lens are really not appropriate for cats, even Darla.

  4. Color me surprised beyond belief. For some reason, I thought the selvage blocks would end up in a sort of "Coin Quilt." LOVE the sashed squares (AND the fact that you used enough selveges for THREE quilts!!!)

  5. All You Need is Love turned out beautifully! I'm so impressed by your quilting. I bet your daughter just loves it! Your selvage quilts are quite an accomplishment, too - they represent a lot of work! We are having Christmas with our kids this weekend, but maybe I'll sewing next week!

  6. Wow! Look at you go! (I need a nap just from reading all this!) You're a dynamo in a quilting frenzy!

  7. Congratulations on the finish of your beautiful quilt with the great quilting

  8. Goodness, you have been working hard! All you need is love is great, Megan must be your idea of sorting your selvage blocks into colour sets. The grey sashed one looks super and the other two will as well. Well done, all that sashing is time consuming.

  9. Your AYNILove quilt turned out adorable, and even more so with Darla in the picture! I never realized how beautiful the colors were. That is a lot of selvages! That surely can't all be from YOUR fabric stash, can it?

  10. Congratulations on finishing your December OMG by mid-month. Of course, it helps that you needed to get it done to ship in time for Christmas. Good luck with the quilting of the selvage quilts. They must be very heavy. I'm guessing a simple organic line design might be in order.

  11. Love your Love quilt. Excellent contrast with the bright vs white rounds. The hearts and the b/w checks are my favorites. I totally agree with Gayle!

  12. Hooray for finished goals! AYNILove is fantastic. The quilting is fantastic, but then I believe all the things you sew are!
    Love, love, love, all the selvedge blocks and flimsys. I think the bottom one you showed is going to be my favorite of all of them.

  13. All You Need is Love looks like it's full and almost overflowing with love. Impressive quilting too! Congrats to you on that beauty.

    Selvages x 3. Sheesh there's a lot of thread in those isn't there? How wonderful to make three quilts from practically nothing.

  14. Your All You Need Is Love quilt turned out beautifully - and I know it will be well loved. But....and it's a HUGE but.....I am absolutely utterly completely (and more words I can't even think of!!) astounded at the sheer numbers of selvedges that you have in your collection!!! It was amazing enough to be able to create ONE quilt much less THREE!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi Cathy! How great that you finished your December OMG already. Nice and early and no stress for you. Woot woot! I hope you have a wonderful week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. Clapping and whooping for your beeeeeeeautiful finish, Cathy!! Whoo hoo!! AND you got it delivered before Christmas? Atta girl! Congratulations :)

    The selvage pieces are looking great, too. You really cranked those blocks out this year. I hope that made a good dent in your scraps!

  17. Such a beautiful and colorful quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  18. Oh I love your All You Need is Love quilt. The pillow is likely beautiful as well. So colorful and bright.


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